Your Canadiens Update: "In the End, We Want the Stanley Cup"

Miah D.Senior Writer ISeptember 3, 2008

The Montreal Canadiens held their annual golf tournament yesterday, in Laval-sur-le-lac, Quebec. Feels like hockey again, huh?

The team welcomed the arrival of Alex Tanguay, who was a bit surprised by the number of journalists waiting for the players. "There is more people here than at the practice of the game seven of the Stanley Cup in Colorado" said the Quebec native player. And this is just the beginning. Welcome aboard!

Last year like this, the Habs welcomed Kostopoulos, Smolinski, and Hamlrik. But as last year, an expected impact player did not sign with the team. In 2007, it was Daniel Briere, this year, Mats Sundin.

"He's playing a charity game on Friday, and I don't see him facing the medias there without some decision on his future." said President Pierre Boivin.

Mr. Boivin, I think you might be wrong.

On his side, Sundin just wants to take as much time as needed to make the best decision. Best for him, I mean. Obviously!

"Where I am right now, I am not physically or mentally ready to make a decision." I guess we got that by now!

Remember, last year, Boivin said they had to make the playoffs. The team ended first in the East and made it through the first round before being crushed in the second. This time around, let's just say Boivin follows the right evolution path.

"People have to realize that the transition period is over now. We are a team that can compete with the other teams of the league. In the end, we are there for one thing: the Stanley Cup." Oooouuh, scary!

One of the most important pieces of this chain seems to be ready to ride a great season, as this time, officially the number one goaltender of the team. Carey Price worked hard during the summer, with trainings in Calgary, nutritional diets, and work outs, to finally drop off 20 to 25lb. That is just a lot! All the baby fat is gone and he looks ... skinny!

His mobility has improved and he had time to rest after two years of play which he said burned him after the playoffs.

Bob Gainey hasn't dropped any weight. Well, none that we know. But he is thinking about adding some to his defensive lines. He had talks with Patrice Brisebois, but still has to wait for Sundin's final decision to manage the salary cap.

It seems Scheinder's name has also been mentioned among Gainey's project, but once again, it all depends on Mats Sundin. Boy, the Sundin effect keeps getting bigger. Brisebois must be following this subject and all his interviews really closely! It's no secret to anyone, the Canadiens 71 wants to be back with the team.

Finally, remember Carbo's ugly tie? The Hermes one, offered by his wife. The eighth player of the Bell Center, helping the team clinch the number one spot in the east, as well as the second round of the playoffs. Well, it has been said after the season that he would put in auction.

The tie is sold, ladies and gentlemen. And for (hold on to your chair) $ 100,000!

So I guess that is what having lots of money and being a Hockey fan is about: buying an ugly tie after the season.

The money will be given to different foundations.

Saku Koivu, the Belorussians, and George Laraque were among the missing ones. This might come a bit prematurely, but I'd like to wish you all a great season start. Good luck following your prospects picks at the rookie camp!

Keep you posted,