Check Out These Unique Fantasy Football Trophies

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 2, 2008

Picture this, you just won your fantasy league. In the days and months to follow you have your bragging rights (which end after so long) and a nice chunk of change (that your girl will guilt trip you into spending on her for all those lost Sunday afternoons). All those things are a great way to remember and celebrate your hard earned fantasy title but they are not permanent. What if there was a something that would last even longer?

Enter the Goats newest sponsor, They make trophies for fantasy leagues like yours so that you can etch that league title into metal and have it for everyone to see from now until you are old and gray.

As you can see from the pictures below, they make some pretty bad-ass trophies. There’s my favorite, the “The Armchair Quarterback” (top) which well represents the scene for us most Sundays in the fall and “The Throwback” (bottom), which is fittingly similar to another very famous trophy.

The Armchair Quarterback

Bottom line, keeping a trophy on display is a great way to generate conversations with anyone who sees it. Giving you multiple opportunities throughout the year to brag about share your success.

Anyway, help me out by stopping by and checking out their site.

The Throwback

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