UFC 124: 10 Must See YouTube Videos Featuring Georges St. Pierre

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IDecember 5, 2010

UFC 124: 10 Must See YouTube Videos Featuring Georges St. Pierre

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    NEW YORK - MARCH 24:  Georges St-Pierre of Montreal, Quebec, Canada speaks at a press conference for UFC 111 at Radio City Music Hall on March 24, 2010 in New York City.  St-Pierre will face Dan Hardy of Nottingham UK in the Welterweight title bout.  (Pho
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    Georges St-Pierre...what do you say about the man that hasn't been said before?

    Well...you can say he's a very humorous sort of character.

    Everyone talks about the humility of GSP, how he's "the most complete fighter in Mixed Martial Arts" and how he's arguably the most fluid Wrestler in the sport.

    Oh, and did I mention with the way Anderson Silva's UFC 117 bout with Chael Sonnen ended, Mr. "I Am Not Impressed By Your Performance" has some people arguing for him being the P4P king of the sport?

    Yeah, I should probably get around to that, but first, let's delve deeper into the lighter side of GSP that some haven't quite gotten used to.

Firstly, He's Got Riddum...I Mean, Rhythm

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    Early on in his UFC career, GSP was just known by fans as "a dude with a French accent who is in the UFC."

    Then, he did more interviews and talked about his Riddum.

    Yes, I do mean his rhythm—the way he very beautifully puts his arsenal together in the cage and the way he executes his game plan in the cage.

    Don't buy that?

    Ask him about it. He's one of the best with it.

Georges Doesn't Mind If a Machine Tells Him That He's a Lean, Mean Fight Machine

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    Georges has always been regarded as one of the nicest human beings in the sports world.

    How nice?

    Almost one week before his fellow Greg Jackson teammate Kenny Florian fought Gray Maynard at UFC 118, the gents behind the Bod Pod body-fat machine even asked GSP to demonstrate the machine and thus calculate his own body fat.

    The result?

    Well, GSP came in with about 7.7 percent body-fat mass in his system, which the gent in this video said was "extremely lean" for a normal human being.

    Is it any wonder why GSP is a cardio machine?

    The dude has the body fat mass of a guy that you'd see in a foot-racing marathon!

...And They Say It's Tough To Pass the Guard?

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    Sure, it's just a clip, but for six seconds of your life, witness how simple GSP makes passing the guard look...and this is just in training!

    Okay, he hasn't done this in a fight, but you have to have a pretty good guard to even be noticeable in a real MMA fight.

    Still, GSP makes passing the guard look simple.

A Fellow Canadian Goes Balls Out and GSP Gets Called Out

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    GSP was the man of the hour at UFC 97's Q&A session, since basically the guy had no fight.

    So he answers a few questions, and then Mike Goldberg calls on this one guy to ask GSP a question.

    The guy, joking or not, pretty much called GSP out and asked for a little one-on-one in Toronto.

    All the proof you need to realize that some people really do have the balls to call out fighters...even when you don't know who the hell they are.

Greasegate Was a Lie. This Is How GSP Really Beat BJ Penn at UFC 94

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    If you watched UFC 94, you know how touted the GSP-BJ Penn rematch was, and you know about the aftermath of what happened during the bout...

    ...or so you think.

    Many people believe the Greasegate fable, that GSP's cornerman Phil Nurse—inadvertently or not—rubbed Vaseline on the back of the Welterweight Champ, thus the very noticeable moments in the fight where Penn's guard was locked somewhat tight, and yet his feet seemed to slide to where GSP could better control him before eventually causing the cut that stopped the fight.

    Few know the truth.

    GSP told ESPN Sports Net the truth of what really happened sometime after the win over Penn.

GSP Is Finally Impressed by Somebody's Performance, But Was It a Performance?

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    You don't have to believe that famed illusionist Criss "The Mindfreak" Angel is really doing everything he does on his shows without at least some type of aid.

    There's probably someone telling him what to do or someone feeding him something that helps him do half the stuff he does...

    Then again, tell that to the people that saw him pull out that one thing from his eye on that one episode of Monday Night Raw.

    If you want, you can also try telling GSP that Angel isn't some sort of magic man at all.

    First, note GSP's punching form and how much that punching machine reads for GSP.

    Watch Angel throw the same punch with the same form, and then check his numbers compared to GSP.

    I promise, I thought he moved too.

    The fun doesn't stop there though.

    GSP picks a word and Angel plays a game of "Guess that Word."

    I'm not convinced that GSP was just rolling along with this when he agreed to be on Mindfreak, and you might just see why.

    Then again, Angel isn't really doing that stuff...right?

How the Champ Helped Connor Cordova Have a Badass Senior Year

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    Damnit, Connor Cordova...I should've thought about doing a song to ask out Arianny Celeste!


    Anyway, the champ helped Connor Cordova of MMA Religion (and nominee for MMA Journalist of The Year this year, if I'm not mistaken) prep for the dream that every MMA fan has...

    GSP''s golden words of wisdom helped Connor as he looked to date the end-all-be-all of MMA ring card girls, Ms. Arianny Celeste.

    If you're on B/R and you're going through your senior year, or if you're a high school freshman and need advice, you can...

    1. Either do what I did, roll solo into prom and mack on every fine girl you see,


    2. You can do as GSP told Connor to do...WITH your date in hand, of course.

Bouncing Back from Loss No. 1, Part One

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    To UFC fans, GSP rebounded from a loss to Matt Hughes when he beat Jason "Mayhem" Miller by Unanimous Decision at UFC 52.

    To MMA fans and to fans of TKO Major League MMA, GSP's real rebound came in a minute and 52 seconds of Round 1 against an experienced gentleman named Dave Strasser.

    Considering that Strasser had won the majority of his fights by submission, this should've been easy for Strasser, right?

    Yeah, tell that to the Kimura that GSP made Mr. Strasser tap out to.

Don't Worry Matt, It's Not Just You...

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    Georges is just not impressed with anyone's performance.

    Ask these guys at Asylum.com.

    This guy just doesn't impress.

GSP's First Fight

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    I had to include GSP's first fight in this otherwise-lighthearted slideshow because if people see the GSP from the first fight of his career, they may just see how far he's come from his early days.

    The fight ends by way of a submission, but it's a pretty fairly controversial submission to strikes that gets GSP the win.

    Check it out and try to figure out what the ref was thinking.

BONUS: A Preview of What's To Come?

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    Even the guy that wanted to borrow a few sticky notes from GSP couldn't muster up the courage to step inside the Octagon with him.

    ESPN's official Youtube channel has added to the UFC 124 hype machine by suggesting this could be a preview of what's to come when he faces Josh Koscheck next weekend in his home country.

    Is it?

    You tell me why it is or why it isn't.

In Closing...

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    To All the Youtube Tough-Asses Out There:

    To every keyboard warrior that thinks they'd wreck the hell out of GSP, and to everyone that thinks that they'd kill it in MMA if they "wanted to," let me give you some advice:

    Follow this Gatorade commercial's advice and...drink Gatorade!

    Okay, no, seriously, listen to these guys and become motivated to not take one fight.

    You'll thank them later.