Randy Couture Plays Brett Favre: Set to Fight Brock Lesnar

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 2, 2008

Oh, I know the headline and teaser may irk many a Randy fan, but I'll start off by saying I'm a fan too. I just don't want to see a great fighter get destroyed. It seems in sports people just don't know when to quit. I'll start off with a breakdown.

Brock Lesnar has shown that he is a bull in a china shop when it comes to the lighter fighters in the division, so now he is going to take on one of the lightest fighters in the UFC heavyweight division, Randy Couture.

This fighter also happens to be a surefire UFC hall of famer, resilient beyond belief, oh yeah and a former champ. Randy also has the skills in wrestling to keep Lesnar in check. If Randy can win the war on foot he has a good shot.

Now comes the behemoth that is known as Brock Lesnar. He manhandled a heavier veteran, Heath Herring, and looked to steamroll Mir before being caught in a submission. Randy is not known for a submission game at all, what's stopping Lesnar from stomping him out too?

At this point in time nothing is stopping him. Randy has been busy starring in crappy movies for a little over a year now and has not been near a cage in a little bit longer than that. Lesnar is young, strong, big, fast, athletic, big, strong, and did I mention big? Randy has it in for him alright.

So since he's signed this contract he has three fights, let's just hope he can survive this one, because as much as I have had doubted Randy in the recent past and he has shown me up...I'm almost positive he won't this time.

Prepare for a Clubber Lang v. Rocky 1 style matchup. Not only that, but Lesnar may end up with a title shot after this fight. Noguiera is praying that Lesnar's ground game didn't get any better.

So whats the moral of the story? If you're 45 and haven't fought in almost two years, don't take on the biggest, baddest dude in your division.