Scoff with the Off: Goldust's New Movie, JR to Return at PPVs, Orton Passes HBK

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2010

What up, Bleaches? It's the Off again, letting you guys know what's up.


The Bizarre One is Starring in a New Horror Movie

The word on the WWE streets is that Goldust will be starring in a horror film. It is said to start filming sometime next year. While it won't be a big film, it will be cool to see Goldust on the big screen, at least not wrestling. The name of the film is The Fire Witch. Goldust posted on Twitter about this upcoming movie.

"Next Thanksgiving I will be shooting my first movie....the fire witch ...that I will be directing and producing...and will be in it. Just in the starting stages......but will let u know more when more is known. It won't be a wrestling is a horror film. It will be a low budget film and my very first...lots of work ahead."


Cole and Lawler Want Striker Out and J.R. In

It is said that Cole and King are pushing really hard to get J.R. to join them on commentary at PPVs since WWE wants three guys on commentary. The only guy who could allow this to happen is, of course, Vince McMahon.

WWE wants younger guys on commentary these days. (Which doesn't make sense to me because Lawler is older than J.R.) Vince also prefers announcers that are actually on TV to do the PPVs. I think it would be awesome after Punk gets over his injury and can wrestle again to have J.R. return.


Randy Orton Has Passed HBK in Days as Champion

RKO has jumped HBK to the top-10 at No. 10 as having the most days as a WWE champion. Orton now sits at 420 days as the champ. His next target is "Macho Man" Randy Savage who has 529 days under his belt.

There are only two guys ahead of him who still wrestle today. Triple H is ranked seventh with 539 days and John Cena is fifth with 947 days.


WWE Birthdays: 12/4

Happy Birthday to: Larry Zbyszko, Dynamite Kid, Adrian Street