WWE News: King Sheamus and The Release Of MVP

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2010

Another week in the WWE Universe has come and nearly gone. Sheamus was crowned the 2010 King of the Ring, Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler competed in a TLC Match, and Michael Cole took it to the next level by interfering in the King's WWE title match.

SmackDown comes to us in just a couple hours. What will be the latest developments in the Kane/Edge saga? What will be the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Title match between the two at TLC? Only time will tell...unless you've already read the spoilers.

This week's edition of Brewing Thoughts starts where last week's did: The King of the Ring.

Let's get right to it.

Sheamus' King of the Ring Win is a Wasted Opportunity

As indicated in last week's edition of Brewing Thoughts, I was really excited about the return of the King of the Ring tournament. But once I sat down to watch it play out Monday night, I only became more disappointed.

The initial disappointment came with the dreaded double count-out between Drew McIntyre and Ezekiel Jackson. It ended with Sheamus being crowned King of the Ring.

When it comes down to it, the KOTR victory is an accolade the Celtic Warrior didn't need. Sheamus has already had two world title reigns in less than two years on WWE's flagship program, and he put Triple H out of action for nearly a year.

Congrats, WWE. The King of the Ring tournament was a chance to establish another up-and-coming star. Any of the seven other participants could have benefited from the KOTR title more than Sheamus will.

In the end, it's just another lackluster effort from WWE creative. Maybe the win will set a return feud between King Sheamus and the King of Kings, Triple H, for the winter.


Is There a New WWE Championship Belt On the Horizon?

With last week's change in WWE Champion, the hardware the reigning champion carries around may be changing as well.

Internet reports state WWE creative is currently weighing the decision as whether or not to scrap the current spinner-style belt, which has been the design since April 2005. According to the reports, the new belt has been ready to go since late last year.

The decision should be made to scrap the belt initially designed specifically for John Cena. The belt was a near-perfect fit for Cena's character when the design was introduced, but it is now stagnant. The current belt is gaudy and is in need of a change.

Let's just hope the new WWE Championship belt doesn't look as bad as the World Tag Team Championship belts do.

Is There Also a New Gimmick Match in the Near Future?

The belt The Miz is carrying around right now may not be the only thing changing soon. In fact, The Miz (or any other WWE superstar, for that matter) may have a new challenge waiting for them in 2011.

WWE creative was reportedly instructed to work on ideas for a new cage-style gimmick match to replace the Hell in a Cell concept.

The change should come as no surprise. The Hell in a Cell concept was created in the Attitude Era and was predicated on weapon use and the bleeding of the combatants. The use of weapons has been drastically cut, while scripted bleeding has been cut altogether.

It should be interesting to see what WWE creative comes up with. The Elimination Chamber—a gimmick match that can still come off as brutal without the use of blood and/or weapons—hasn't been used outside of the eponymous pay-per-view since 2006.

Maybe that's the intrigue, and the draw, of February's pay-per-view. Or maybe WWE creative will come up with an idea that replaces the Hell in a Cell match as the ultimate feud ender.

MVP's Release Puts an End to His Wasted Potential

Earlier this week, Montel Vontavious Porter (real name Alvin Burke, Jr.) was released by WWE.

It was truly a sad end to the WWE career of a man who could have been a main-eventer.

Many Internet reports state WWE creative was limited by MVP's criminal past, but I don't buy that at all. If these writers were so good, they would have come up with something for MVP. They could never get him out of short, mid-card feuds that never amounted to much of anything, however.

MVP was massively over with the crowd, and played both a great heel and face. Vince McMahon may not have liked MVP has a heel, but it definitely worked.

Best of luck to MVP, who will hopefully be put to good use in a new promotion, if he decides to continue his pro wrestling career.