Cam Newton Situation With NCAA Gives Ebay a Great Opportunity

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2010

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The NCAA has given a great new opportunity. The NCAA has given permission for parents to auction the services of their elite athletes off to schools as long as the kid does not know what is happening.

Over the last three days there have been only two sports stories making headlines. One involves Auburn QB Cam Newton and the other about some guy returning for a basketball game in Cleveland.

Newton is the beyond talented quarterback from Auburn who had his eligibility restored by the NCAA before the headlines declaring he was ineligible could even be printed. 

Here are the basics of the case. Cecil Newton, Cam’s dad, worked with Kenny Rogers to shop his son’s football services around in exchange for cash. Mississippi State reported the actions by the pair to the SEC according to league rules and Newton later signed with Auburn.

Now comes the penalty phase of the case. Auburn will limit the access Cecil Newton has to the athletic program at Auburn and Mississippi State will disassociate itself from Rogers. Cam…well, he can get ready to take his game into the Georgia Dome this weekend. Case closed.

So that is where gets a new business category. If you have a child who is a talented high school athlete it is time to take their talents to the online auction service. There coaches from around the nation can find out what your price is and make arrangements to meet with you in private to iron out the details.

There is just one catch. Make sure you don’t tell your kid what your ebay password is. All that matters is that they don’t know what is going on.