WWE: How To Successfully Bring the King of the Ring Tournament Back To PPV

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIDecember 3, 2010

I have always been a huge fan of the King of the Ring Tournament, and when I heard that the WWE was bringing the tournament back for a special three hour Raw, I was very excited.

Although the execution of the tournament was not as good as it had been in past years, I still found myself watching every match with anxious anticipation.

Then I got to thinking: why doesn’t the WWE bring the King of the Ring back to pay-per-view?

Surely the concept of the KOTR tournament alone would increase the buy rates over gimmicky PPV’s such as Breaking Point or Hell in a Cell.

I have a crazy idea for how the WWE could bring back KOTR and make it financially successful.

Stay with me on this.

First and foremost the WWE should move the Elimination Chamber PPV from February and place it later in the year.

With the February PPV slot now open, the WWE should slide KOTR into that position.

Why you might ask?

The answer is relatively simple, with the NCAA March Madness set to begin shortly after it would serve as a precursor to that exciting tournament.

This past King of the Ring tournament had 16 wrestlers participate in qualifying matches with the eight winners advancing to the tournament on Raw.

I say the WWE can take a few steps further and open the tournament up 36 wrestlers.

Now I know what you’re thinking, 36 doesn’t divide evenly to give you a proper winner.

Well much like how the NCAA tournament has a play in round featuring eight teams, the KOTR tournament could feature a play in round of eight wrestlers participating in four matches on an episode of Superstars, with the four winners advancing to the tournament.

People would actually care about Superstars!

Then the 32 wrestlers would have matches that take place on both Raw and Smackdown for several weeks leading up the actual pay-per-view, where the final eight wrestlers would decide who takes home the crown.

Imagine how great those final matches would be if the wrestlers were given time to tell a story and have longer matches at the PPV.

I also think that the tournament should be open to any and all wrestlers. Let the legends participate. Let the world champions participate.

Let a guy like Jerry Lawler or Ron Simmons win a match in and “unlikely upset.”

Think of the excitement of watching an underdog like Kaval upset someone like Randy Orton as he makes it to the finals of the tournament, aka Butler in last year’s NCAA tournament.

Hell, you could book one of the champions to win the whole thing to make him look strong going into his next title defense.

If the Miz were to win the KOTR as WWE champion, I guarantee people would take him more seriously as the champ.

With Wrestlemania right around the corner, the WWE would also be positioning itself to set up some storylines that build off of a bitter and heartbreaking KOTR defeat.

The WWE certainly has the talent to make this happen, and the buzz and excitement would create would provide great build for the tournament.