The Miz: A Different Kind of WWE Champion

Jamie HardingContributor IDecember 3, 2010

I am aware that many readers of this site are bored by the constant barrage of Miz articles, however, I hope to give a slightly different perspective on the topic. Rather than just assess whether he was deserving or not, I want to assess what the WWE is trying to do with him.

Let me clear from the start, I am a Miz fan. I believe his promos and attitude bring an entertainment factor to Raw that is sometimes lacking. He is far from my favourite superstar, which currently CM Punk, but Miz is nevertheless a great asset for the WWE.

However, I was not a fan of him becoming a champion, for only one reason. We here all know that WWE is the land of the kayfabe, however, its storylines are based around physical confrontation. Therefore, the WWE champion should be someone possessing some outstanding physical attribute(s), be it strength (John Cena), speed and agility (Rey Mysterio), unrivalled technical prowess (Kurt Angle) or all three (Brock Lesnar).

In this light many argue, myself included, that Rey Mysterio is not a believable champion as he is simply too small, however, at least his speed and agility set him apart and helps his case for being the best.

Now, looking at the Miz, he lacks that certain attribute that gives him credibility as a fighter. No one would believe that if Sheamus and Miz met each other in a real scrap that Miz would walk out on top. Triple H, Wade Barrett, John Cena, JoMo and Randy Orton are further examples of individuals that would decimate Miz in reality. So I felt Miz should be kept away from the title and just used prominently in the upper-midcard.

Then I read one of Jim Ross' blogs, and realised that is the point! JR described him as being built as a "beatable champion," and I personally believe that is exactly what the WWE wants him to be. In an age where the IWC are clamoring to call the likes of Jack Swagger and Sheamus paper champions, both physically imposing characters, we are being given a champion who could be beaten by anyone, and not lose credibility.

Think about it, if an All-American or a Celtic Warrior never has a clean, decisive victory as champion, their credibility and the effectiveness of their gimmicks can be severely damaged. However, the Miz and his gimmick have gained credibility through his promos,  acting and entertainment value; it's never been about how physically gifted he is.

Therefore, if Orton clean pins him in non-title bouts but then Miz steals the victory somehow when the title is on the line, his credibility is not hurt because we have been led to believe that's what should happen.

Furthermore, he is a great person to use to bring mid-carders into the main event, the most obvious example being John Morrison. Wrestlers don't need to beat the entire Raw main event field for the crowd to believe they could successfully beat the Miz. The same cannot be said for Cena, Orton or HHH.

So, I am not saying Miz is a transitional champion, or a short-lived one, but rather a "beatable champion" for whom its genuinely acceptable to win by interference or other forms of cheating. All I ask is that the WWE continue to do this in an original and interesting way, such as the Micheal Cole interference on Monday.

This title reign will have been successful if it has been unpredictable, entertaining and has brought new faces into the title picture. I will therefore not be judging it on the number of people he beats cleanly.

The real issue of credibility comes from the question of what WWE will do with the Miz once they take the title off him. 

In the mean time with Miz as champion and Punk on commentary, this really could be an era of AWESOME!