Cleveland Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Joe HunleyContributor IDecember 3, 2010

Eric Mangini
Eric ManginiMatt Sullivan/Getty Images

Head coaches, or any coach for that matter, are usually judged by their record, how many wins they have achieved. A coaches level of performance is gauged by a winning record, which does not always reflect the impact or lack of, that the coach has had on his team. Fans, owners, and the media are so engulfed in winning percentages that they often overlook the improvements a team has made, although their record may not show it. This is the case of Eric Mangini, head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Eric Mangini came to the Cleveland Browns in 2009, replacing head coach Romeo Crennel. Coach Mangini inherited a team that achieved 4 wins and 12 losses in 2008 under the supervision, or lack of supervision of Coach Crennel.

Mangini, trying to build on the talent the Cleveland Browns had at their disposal, and building his program, went a dismal 5 wins and 11 losses in 2009. The 2009 Browns ranked 29th in offense, being led by Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson, who at times, played like the Browns had no quarterback at all. The single highlight of the season was winning the final four games of the season, possibly meaning that Coach Mangini was finally getting control of his team.

2010 brought many changes to the Cleveland Browns, changes that would prove beneficial to Mangini. Rookies Colt McCoy, T.J. Ward, and Joe Haden are having an impact, and contributing to the teams performance.Team President Mike Holmgren, and General Manager Tom Heckert are constantly involved in acquiring players that may improve the Browns chances of winning.

The Cleveland Browns, at the time this article was written, have a record of 4 wins and 7 losses, which is not impressive, however it is an improvement over the 1 win 10 losses at this time last year. What does impress me is that this team seems to be playing as just that, a team. Looking at the seven losses, you will find that four of those losses were decided by four points or less, meaning the Browns were competitive till the end. It is simple to see that this team has made improvements over last year. A great deal of this improvement comes from drafting and acquiring players who can have an impact on the game.

Coach Mangini, along with his coaching staff are attempting to build a winning program. President Mike Holmgren, and General Manager Tom Heckert are aiding this coaching staff by constantly trying to improve the roster, giving Mangini the players needed to have a successful program.

Eric Mangini is in his second year as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. While the Browns record is by no means impressive, the play on the field has improved greatly over last year. Eric Mangini is finally gaining control of this team, and the players are responding. The addition of key players, along with input from the front office gives Mangini necessary tools to implement a competitive program. This years Browns have become fun to watch and proven that they can compete with anyone, that cannot be said about last years Browns.

Should Mangini be fired at the end of the season? I think not, the Browns are improving, let's not throw a wrench in the building process.