Free Sample: Why the Browns Should Start Brady Quinn

Mark MyersAnalyst IDecember 24, 2007

IconOne of the more interesting questions looming in the offseason is the fate of Derek Anderson.

Though he faltered down the stretch, the Browns' quarterback has established himself as a capable NFL starter.

But with Brady Quinn waiting in the wings, the Browns might be in position to deal Anderson to another team looking for an upgrade at the quarterback position

The problem is that the Browns are ready to compete now—and dealing Anderson would mean losing a backup capable of spelling Quinn if the youngster can't cut it.

And that brings us to the Browns' Week 17 game against the 49ers.

The Browns' playoff fate will be decided Sunday. But the Browns game won't have anything to do with it. Under the tiebreaker rules, the fates of both Cleveland and Tennessee will be decided solely by the outcome of the Titans/Colts game.

If the Titans win, they get the No. 6 seed in the AFC playoffs. If they lose, it goes to the Browns. It really is that simple.

So now's the time to for Romeo Crennel to give Brady Quinn his first NFL start. With nothing to lose, it makes sense to see what Quinn can do.

Not only would a Quinn start help the Cleveland front office decide what to do with Anderson—it would also give Quinn some game film to study in the offseason.

If the Browns really expect Quinn to be their franchise quarterback, he should get the snaps in practice this week and the start on Sunday.


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