MVP: Talent Release Gone Too Far

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIDecember 2, 2010

OK, there have been many articles written the past couple of hours about MVP's release, but I would like to share my opinion. WWE has gone too far.

They released Luke Gallows, a wrestler who is only 26 and had a lot of potential. They released Vance Archer who could have been something good if they used him right.

Furthermore, they release Fat Hardy...I mean Matt Hardy. Um well, don't know what to say about him because he actually became annoying later on and blatantly just wants to go to TNA.

But the releases of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were ridiculous. BUT then they release MVP, who in my opinion is the biggest wrestler to leave since Batista. 

MVP had the charisma and look of a sports entertainer who could be good at any sport, a wrestler who so many kids and adults loved. His attire was something fresh and his wrestling ability was up there, better than Cena—but who isn't?

He was touted to have a Rock-type persona, but keeps getting buried. His feud with Matt Hardy was one of the most entertaining things to watch. His feud with Kane, which resulted in him being put on fire, was fun to watch. His tag-team with Hardy and Kennedy was also intrigueing.

Then they had him in a feud with The Miz, in which many people said he delivered some of his best promos. Then he was transferred to SmackDown where he became a mid-card wrestler, but he made the most of what he was given.

His promo with Alberto Del Rio was one of the best in recent memory in all of WWE, and a guy who should have been given the World Title ages ago got jobbed and buried when the likes of Zack Ryder were still on the roster. 

WWE had money on this guy. He is loved on the international level. When he comes to the UK, he is given an honorary Britain status because of his love for the UK game (Football/Soccer). He is always promoting WWE, but that wasn't enough to convince Vince he is ready to main event.

There has not been a prominent black wrestler since Booker T. Kofi was about to go main event with his feud with Orton. What happened there? MVP would have been the next big thing, but WWE dropped the ball.

It is just sick the way they release wrestlers or wrestlers quit because of the way WWE treats them when they are high on popularity. Muhammad Hassan, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy and Charlie Haas come to mind.

MVP deserved more than all of these men. The guy has done nothing wrong since he became a wrestler. So what if he was in prison all those years ago, the guy went clean and was never in the headlines doing anything wrong, only doing right. 

I hope WWE realizes what the loss of someone like MVP means. Good luck to MVP, a guy who only wants to entertain and actually WRESTLE (Hence, he is going off to Japan to live his long-lived dream of wrestling at the Tokyo Dome) and start his music career on top of that.

Hopefully he does not go to TNA unless he gets to trademark his MVP name, because he is one wrestler who deserves to keep his persona to show to the whole world!