Kevin Keegan Set To Be Sacked And I've Had Enough Of Newcastle

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst ISeptember 2, 2008

I have just returned home and turned on skysports news, and what I have seen has opened another dark chapter in the history of my beloved Newcastle United. Kevin Keegan according to Sky has been sacked.

I'm furious and if these rumours turn out to be true, I will murder Mike Ashley and swear never to buy another ticket or jersey EVER again! Kevin Keegan is the Messiah and Mike Ashley is nothing but the billionaire looks set to boot out our hero and replace him with Wise!

All this has come from the discontent between Keegan and the hierachry at Newcastle. Our hero walked away with his head held high for a lot less then this and Keegan returned to a load of broken promises.

Fat Ashley has firmly kept his hands in his pockets and his impact at the Toon has divided fans but this bombshell is sure to swing public opinion on Tyneside frimly against him.

Fans have already been at SJP backing Keegan and chanting "Sack the Board" and "Ashley Out" and if I could I would be there with them backing King Kev. The fact we've had an amazing start to the season makes the billionaires decision all the more ridiculous.

Ashley has attempted to sell the manager's crown jewel's from under him and James Milner's departure yet again divided fans. The lack of signings coupled with a lacklustre deadline day has seen the fans grown restless.

But let's remember where as in December we chanted against Allardyce, now we're chanting against Ashley and he must leave for the future of our great club. The most painful thing of all is that my club's reputation has been dragged through the mud and we'll be the laughing stock of the EPL.

I'm begging all the faithful at SJP, stay away from our next home match against Hull. What a wake up call that would give Ashley if only 5,000 turned up. When he begins to lose money he will have to go!

Alan Shearer, Harry Redknapp, Dennis Wise or anybody else who comes into the job, I don't care. While Ashley is at my club, I won't be.

As for Keegan, he leaves with our utmost respect and will always be remembered as "King Kev" and the "Messiah". We will always love you Kev and you can come back anytime you want but only when your treated as you deserve.

The last word goes to Kev "It's not like it was in the brochure...."