Scoff With the Off: WWE TV Update, Encouragement of CM Punk's Commentary, Lesnar

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2010

The Off is here with more news in WWE.

                      WWE TV expected to start around mid 2012 early 2013 (if we are still ALIVE)

This may not be the name that they choose to use but the WWE is planning on getting their own TV network. They have said the want to use it the way MLB does, where the pay-TV operators own a stake in the network.

This makes me wonder what they plan on running on this network. Reruns? Inside news? What about the rating of it?

                                    CM Punk is being encouraged to do more "inside jokes"

As we have all heard by now CM Punk was taking some shots on Alex Riley for his DUI arrest. It's being said that he, along with the other commentators, are being told to start saying more "inside jokes" and one-liners.

How far do you think Punk will take these jokes? especially since Vince likes him as a commentator. If something possibly worse happens, will Punk be there to say something witty?

                          Lesnar talked about on Raw in hopes of adding him to Wrestlemania

Last Monday we heard Brock Lesnar's name thrown out. This was done based on one man, VKM. Vince, I believe, is the only one left that still believes Lesnar can work at Wrestlemania and is throwing out his name in hopes to the rumors about him being there.

Will these work for Brock? Or better yet Dana? What more will Vince do to show he wants him at Mania?

            WWE Birthdays

12/2- Happy Birthday to Jinsei Shinzaki (Hakushi)