Could Manchester City Become the New Chelsea in the Premiership?

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 Could Manchester City Become the New Chelsea in the Premiership?

For me, the first of September feels like a bit of dashrvu. My mind leaks back to when Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea, and I can only come up with the same conclusion that I came up with back then: A huge Wake has been made in not just the Premier League, but in world football.

Yesterday, Manchester City were officially taken over by the The Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), and spokesman Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim told The Sun, "We would like to see Manchester City fighting for trophies in every tournament.

"We don't just want Manchester City to be challenging for trophies in England, but also in the Champions League. We want them to be in for every trophy available."

The comments made are surely a statement of intent as to how big Man. City will get.

The new owners wasted little time and strait away went out to buy the biggest players in the world. Reports suggest they made bids for David Villa, Mario Gomez, Dimitar Berbatov, and eventual signing Robinho. Two other player offers were made, but they are keeping those to themselves.

In total, they only Spent £32.5 million on the signing of Robinho, but on the whole they were willing to spend a giant £300 million on new players. This absolutely puts Man. City as the new richest club in England.

They went toe-to-toe with Abramovich for the signing of Robinho, and in the end they came out victorious. By outbidding Abramovich, they have shown they have deeper pockets.

Abu Dhabi United Group say they will continue their spending in January and will make MC one of the biggest clubs in the world. They went onto say "Mark Hughes will get the money he wishes to buy players; we will sit down with him and disguise the players he wants to bring in to the club and to make the club a big name in world football."

Said Mark Hughes, the City manager: "We have been in the market today for Robinho, and I think people understand now that there is another club with the financial power to compete for any player in the world, and that’s Manchester City."

In my own personal view, I'm in two minds about the whole deal. My first mind says "Oh no, not another Roman Abramovich; we have had years of this man and now there is another bigger, richer version in town."

That mind is also thinking football is getting to be a bit of a joke, with all the new power spenders the other clubs are being drowned out of the transfer market and are losing the credibility of their team, all because teams like Chelsea and Manchester City have more money than sense. Football will never be the same again. Football will only level out when every team in the Premier league and the leagues below have a millionaire backing them.

My second mind thinks wants to be noble about this and, instead of mourning about the two clubs, our teams get a ball and beat them the old fashioned way, on the pitch. At the end of the day, it's 11 men vs. 11 men, and if our teams play with heart, determination, and skill, they will win.

Well, I think I've said my piece, and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Do you think City are the new Chelsea? Do you think City will win the league this year? Or do you think they will break the top four this year?

If you have any questions or comments about the article, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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