WWE Championship: Aftermath of the Miz vs Randy Orton

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIDecember 1, 2010

The King of the Ring edition of Monday Night RAW saw the crowning moment of not just the new King Sheamus, but also the new WWE Champion, the Miz. One week after cashing in his money in the bank contract on a beaten Randy Orton, the awesome one addressed the WWE universe for the first time.

He decided to go against the original party celebration which was promised by his assistant Alex Riley (that was probably for A-Ri’s own good) and opted instead to make a long speech which basically said, "To all of you who did not believe in me, I made it." He went on to berate other superstars, Hall of Famers and the fans who never attained the heights he has so far. Eventually this led to an altercation with Jerry "The King" Lawler who challenged the Miz for the title and lost (with the assistance of Michael Cole).

During this time, there was no Randy Orton. It was said that he suffered an injury and was recovering from it to explain his absence. This is credible seeing that he took quite the beatdown last week (whether his injury is for real or not, I do not know, anyone with information please share). He has been in the thick of things lately and got a night off, which is understandable (I was sure it would be Cena who would have the night off instead, but I was wrong.)

I was, however, really looking forward to a confrontation between the new and old champ after the way Orton lost the title last week.

While some say that Orton has been a "boring" champion and is terrible on the mic, I tend to disagree just a bit.

He has shown improvement in his promos. He is not at the top of the list, but he is climbing. As for him being boring, I do not see it. Of course, every fan is different and will therefore have different opinions on it. I think that he did a good job with his latest confrontation with John Cena and Wade Barrett, and I look forward to his confrontation with the Miz. I also think he is a very entertaining wrestler to watch.

Perhaps most importantly, he is making a huge impression on the crowd, which is always a good thing for your career at WWE. A perfect example of this is the fans’ reaction to his win against Barrett and then his loss against the Miz—it was a collective "what the hell just happened?", which was personified by the image of the pouting girl at the end of the show (who will now forever be known as the "Miz girl").

Very few were happy that the Viper was no longer in possession of the belt that he has carried around since the Night of Champions pay-per-view where he defeated six men including John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, Wade Barrett and then champion Sheamus. This is directly opposite to the way the Miz won; that is, by defeating a man who was already beaten by six men.

The good news is that in his absence we finally got to see someone knock Michael Cole out and while we'll be interested in how Lawler and Cole get along next week, we'll also be interested in hearing the Apex Predator’s reaction to the Miz’s win and his subsequent first title defence.

I am also thinking that Orton will have something to say to Nexus since they were largely to blame for his eventual loss.

Another point of interest for me will be his reaction to John Cena’s newest plan to defeat Nexus (especially now, seeing that Nexus is a common enemy between the two). I do not know if he will be a part of that story, as he has been in the recent past, or if he will be sticking to a feud with the Miz for a while.

Additionally, seeing that he said that Cena would be the biggest phony if he went against his motto of "hustle, loyalty and respect" at Survivor Series, I am curious to see if he considers Cena’s current actions in the same way. Just a thought, and I’m being optimistic thinking this will happen.

The most likely scenario is that Orton will say that he was severely weakened and that cost him the match, and the Miz will say "really" that’s not an excuse, and I am guessing that the anonymous RAW GM will say that there will be a rematch at WWE TLC. Then there will be a few matches on RAW to take us to the pay-per-view.

With John Cena taking care of Nexus, perhaps Barrett would be out of the running for a while, at least leaving Orton and the Miz (and Riley and Cole) to solve their own problems.

Think we’ll see an RKO on Cole? Certainly hope so.