World Wrestling Entertainment Is Lacking Wrestling and Entertainment

Bradley RollContributor IDecember 1, 2010

Rating? What ratings?!
Rating? What ratings?!Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

My love for wrestling knows no bounds. I am currently watching Monday Night Raw intently plotting how the King of the Ring tournament will end. 

Do I care that Miss USA is hanging out the crown? No.

What I do care about is that the WWE uses the King of the Ring like they use to. Way back when winning this former Pay Per View tournament meant something. Back when guys like Bret “Hitman” Hart  and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin won the once prestigious crown.

As of late, though, it hasn’t meant as much. Remember “King” Booker? Or when William Regal won it while he was still acting Commissioner. Once upon a time, winning the KOTR was just as prestigious as holding a Money in the Bank title opportunity.

While talking with some of my close friends about the future of wrestling, several points were brought up. The lack of a decent Tag Team division, the joke that has become the KOTR bi-yearly tournament, the flood of wrestlers that most of us have no idea about, (as they appear one day on WWE and are contending for titles on the next week) and of course, the Nexus.

I have written the WWE about all of these subjects before. I miss good old fashioned tag team wrestling! Would there have been a Bret Hart without The Hart Foundation? Would there have ever been a Shawn Michaels without The Rockers?

Let’s look at Shawn Michaels a little more closely.

Who did Shawn Michaels bring into the spotlight? Kevin Nash was his one time bodyguard when he was brought to the WWE as Diesel. No Kevin Nash means no Outsiders, which means no nWo.

Michaels took a young Triple H under his wing very early on in his career and formed D-Generation X. So that would all be gone. Where could wrestling be if we still had a good tag team division?

Tag teams seem so eager to split early on in their careers to pursue solo careers. Where would the Hart Foundation, Dudley Boys or The Legion of Doom be if they had split after six weeks of successful tag team wrestling to be solo artists? I doubt that Hawk or Animal would be known like they are today.

A couple of weeks ago, the WWE extinguished my hopes of a tag team revival by breaking up D.H. Smith and Tyson Kidd, aka The Hart Foundation.

I saw these guys as a chance to bring back a dying division. They represented, to me, two guys who fought so well together. They complimented each other so well. Instead of the WWE being forced to hire more tag team wrestlers, they decided to break up a blossoming tag team, adding the Hart Foundation V.2 to the list of tag teams the WWE has destroyed for no good reason.

What of the KOTR tournament? There wasn’t even a reason to slow it down like they have!  We went from having a yearly tournament and Pay Per View to having it simply not exist. Now they bring it back occasionally to boost Raw ratings it would seem. The truth is, the lackluster wrestlers taking place in the tournament are what is making it uninteresting to me.

The finals have come down to Shamus and John Morrison.  Once upon a time, there would be at least one headliner in the tournament. The highlight of the night is set to be The Miz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Clearly the WWE doesn’t take the KOTR tournament seriously when it is being surpassed on their own program by a Hall of Fame announcer and former wrestler taking on the current champion.

That being said I would love to see Jerry win a WWE title. Some of my favorite wrestlers have been over looked when it comes to winning the WWE title. One of them is Roddy Piper, and also on that list, Jerry Lawler.

My last point I will touch on is the Nexus. Firstly, why did we have to sit through the train wreck that was NXT if all of them ended up with contracts anyway? The only person who came off that show who isn’t a total joke in my mind is Daniel Bryan. He wrestled for 10 years before coming to the WWE though, so I don’t think WWE can take any credit for that. We are subjected to this awful storyline with these performers who can barely hold a decent interview, let alone wrestle.

So now we sit through Wade Barret and David Otunga butting heads while guys like Heath Slater and Husky Harris slowly suck the life out of us with horrible cut scenes, interviews and sub-par in ring performances.

Vince McMahon is wondering why his ratings suck while he allows greenhorns to use over half of his TV time?

One last thing, I am worried that the WWE creative team thinks that Juan Cena and new WWE Champion the The Miz are "shaking things up."