College Football Week Two: The 11 Best 11s Of Baby Tate

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2008

                                                        11 BEST 11s 

                                                           WEEK II

1) Ohio State

Watch-out for the effect of the injury to Chris Wells. If he is unable to play the Buckeyes will find themselves dropping from the top spot.


2) Oklahoma

The Sooners have a tough match this week with the Bearcats. If they continue to play like week one you could be calling them National Champs.


3) Southern California

The Trojans defeated hapless Virginia. We don't know how they will perform against a legitimate team for another week.


4) Florida

The Gators looked great against Hawaii. They face a true test this week when the hated Hurricanes come to town.


5) Georgia

Bulldogs laid low versus Ga. Southern. They don't care if they drop in rankings now, as they are playing for a national championship and an unbeaten season.


6) Texas Tech

The jury is still out on this dynamic offensive machine.


7) West Virginia

Unimpressive in opener but if they clean the clock of the Pirates this week all will be well in Morgantown. Probably didn't want to show too much last week.


8) Missouri

Very impressive offensively versus the Illini, inconsistent and undisciplined defensively. They could come a cropper sooner than later if this act continues.


9)Arizona State

Very underwhelming and unimpressive last week. Could be in trouble in their own conference.  


10) Auburn

The jury is still out on this dynamic defensive machine.


11) Alabama

This is the team the entire country took notice of this past week. If they continue to improve you could be talking about an SEC title run.


ON THE PORCH: LSU, Wake Forest, Penn State, California, Texas