MLB Predictions: Races to the Pennant & Who Will Win It All

Connor Wildey@CW__10Correspondent ISeptember 2, 2008

As October draws closer, the playoff runs keep heating up.

The Rays continue to stay out front of the Red Sox in the AL East, the Twins and White Sox battle it out for first place in the AL Central, and the Angels are way out front in the AL West.

In the National League, the Mets and Phillies continue to fight for the AL East lead, the Cubs continue to stay out front of Milwaukee in the AL Central, and its a tight one out West, as the D-Backs fight it out with the Dodgers for first place in the AL West.

However, with about a month left of baseball, almost anything can happen and teams sitting back in the race still have some hope.



They always have the ability to get hot down the stretch, and for this season, that possibility is still there. However, with the injuries to Joba Chamberlain, Chien-Ming Wang, and Jorge Posada, and with the weakness of their pitching, it's unlikely the Yankees will be able to catch up to the Red Sox or Rays or win the wild card.

One piece of the puzzle that was missing all season is back in Hideki Matsui, who will fill a hole in the lineup as the DH for the remainder of the season. In the end, Matsui won't be enough though, as they have too much ground to make up and too tough of a remaining schedule to make the playoffs.

PREDICTION: Finish 84-78, 3rd in AL East, Miss Playoffs


It's a bold statement saying that the Fins could find a way to win the wild card or the NL East, but anything is possible. As of Sept. 1, the Marlins are seven games back in their division and 10 games out of the wild card.

The easier option would be to win the division, which is asking a lot, as the Mets and Phillies have more depth in their rotation and lineups. The remaining schedule for the Marlins is not overwhelming, however, and it could allow a miracle to be pulled off.

They have six games against Washington, a three-game series in St. Louis, and three games at home against Houston. Plus, they play six games against Philadelphia and three against the Mets, which would allow for ground to be made up.

Several players would have to get hot in order for this to happen for Florida. Those would include the three big hitters Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, and Mike Jacobs. Plus, the pitching would really have to be good, especially from inconsistent starters such as Anibal Sanchez (2-3, 4.46) and Scott Olsen (6-9, 4.35).

Ultimately, I don't see the Marlins getting hot enough to overcome the Phillies or Mets, but I think they will finish above .500.

PREDICTION: Finish 82-80, 3rd in NL East, Miss Playoffs

Other teams that could make a run are:

-Milwaukee (NL Central)

-Colorado (NL West)


It's going to be interesting seeing how the wild card works out in both leagues because it will be close. In the AL Central, the White Sox and Twins will fight for first in their division until the end, and whomever doesn't win will hope they can pull off the wild card.

However, I doubt that will happen, because the Red Sox or Rays have really good records and don't seem like they will be slowing up anytime soon.

In the NL, the Brewers are leading the pack for the wild card, as they sit behind the Cubs in the NL Central. No teams from the NL West have a shot at the wild card, but the Mets and Phillies in the East have a good chance at it if one of them can't beat out the other.




1) Tampa Bay Rays: 98-64
2) Boston Red Sox: 95-67


1) Minnesota Twins: 91-71
2) Chicago White Sox: 88-74


1) LA Angels: 101-61
2) Texas Rangers: 77-85


1) Boston Red Sox: 95-67
2) Chicago White Sox: 88-74



1) New York Mets 93-69
2) Philadelphia Phillies 88-74


1) Chicago Cubs 98-64
2) Milwaukee Brewers 95-67


1) LA Dodgers: 84-78
2) Arizona Diamondbacks: 82-80


1) Milwaukee Brewers: 95-67
2) Philadelphia Phillies 88-74


Tampa Bay Rays vs. LA Angels

Winner in Six:  LA Angels

Reasoning: The Angels have a better pitching staff, a better defense, and have more power and more hitters for average than the Rays.


Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Winner in Seven: Chicago Cubs

Reasoning: The Cubs have a little bit better pitching then their rivals, but it will be a very close series because talent-wise, they both are very similar. Both have a good three and four hitter, a solid defense, and a good bullpen.

In the end the Cubs will prevail because, top to bottom, they have better hitters, which will lead them to victory.


L.A. Angels vs. Chicago Cubs

Winner in Six: Chicago Cubs

Reasoning: The Angels have the Cubs beat defensively and with their pitching, but offensively, they don't come close. The Cubs' offense will be the ultimate reason they win, and their pitching will be good enough to keep the Angels offense from matching them.

What do you think? I'm curious as to your input/ This is an open discussion. I'm open to all criticism! Let me have it!


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