World Cup 2022: Obama, Freeman, Clinton and Donovan Show Support of U.S. Bid

Tyler DewdneyCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

Imagine something this special on American soil
Imagine something this special on American soilKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

With the FIFA announcement regarding host of the 2022 World Cup coming tomorrow, the United States sent their big guns to Zurich in an attempt to sway the committee in their favor. 

On a special that aired on FOX Soccer channel, US soccer president Sunil Gulati accompanied by actor and philanthropist Morgan Freeman, former President Bill Clinton, US soccer star Landon Donovan, and President Barak Obama via video, made a convincing case supporting the bid to bring the World Cup to America.

Gulati started the presentation off by outlining the infrastructural advantages the United States can offer.  Separating the US from the other potential host nations is that we already have the necessary infrastructure in place.  From stadiums and training grounds to hotels, the United States requires little in the way of new construction. 

South Africa, who hosted the most recent World Cup was under the gun in terms of construction deadlines.  Leading up to the summer of 2010 it was unclear whether all of the projects would be completed in time.  Since then, South Africa has faced serious troubles trying to utilize all of the projects post World Cup.  This has serious implications for the South African government, as they now shoulder all of the burden of cost. 

This goes a long way in helping the United States to secure a bid at tomorrow's announcement ceremony.  Because the US will convert facilities already used into soccer specific stadiums, FIFA may consider the United States as a safe bet, and one that will not have negative implications once the excitement of the World Cup subsides.

Not only does the United States have the infrastructure that the competing nations do not, they have a culturally unique setup that could potentially make the 2022 World Cup one of the most memorable ever.  In no other country is there such a diverse population of fans who will undoubtedly make it easy to sell tickets.  The United States was the second largest block of ticket buyers behind host nation South Africa in this year's World Cup. 

There is no question that another World Cup on American soil would be the best situation for all involved.  The US has so much to offer, and will allow FIFA to focus on their greater goals rather than the worries of the host nation being prepared.

Tomorrow at 10am ET, we will find out just how convincing this cast of supporters was this morning. 

The arguments made on both an economic and social level make it impossible for FIFA to deny the United States' bid to host the spectacular event in 2022. If they do, the decision was clearly not made with clear heads from the voters.

Support US soccer tomorrow by wearing a soccer jersey on behalf of the entire organization.  You can bet I'll be sleeping in mine tonight.

The game is in US.