U.S. Looks To Bring Great Changes To 2022 Olympics

Double G SportsCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

The United States Olympic Committee, USOC, is not only looking to further its athletic accomplishments but to make sustainable environmental changes to the Winter Games. And with the bid for the 2022 games being awarded in 2015, the committee members must move quickly in their efforts. This began with naming Andrew Liveris and Dow Chemical the worldwide partner in the Olympics for the next decade.

During the last Winter Olympic Games (the Vancouver 2010 games), the United States held the most medals, with nine gold, fifteen silver and thirteen bronze. With dominance in the areas of snowboarding, Nordic combined and skiing, it only makes sense that the United States is looking to capture the 2022 bid.  With areas like Denver and Reno-Tahoe looking to host, the USOC is looking to make progress with the International Olympic Committee in hopes of bringing great changes to this world celebration. 

Gold medal wins including show stopping ones by snowboarder Shaun White (one of the most recognizable Olympic athletes) and Shani Davis, not only prove that the U.S. is a highly recognizable Winter Games contender, but is also quickly becoming a leader over the other gold medal front runners, Canada and Germany.

USOC Chairman, Larry Probst is hoping to first rebuild relationships with international counterparts before releasing all the information concerning the bid. What we do know is that there is a lot of talk about environmentally friendly changes, with which the United States could put itself in high bid mentions for the 2022 Winter Olympics. 

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