CM Punk Is the Most Entertaining Man in WWE

Nick BolyardContributor IIINovember 30, 2010

Last night's Raw may have been one of the most entertaining Raws in recent memory.  Not because of the sub-par matches and mediocre promos, but because of the commentary skills of CM Punk.

I have often missed the three-man announcing team of Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Vince McMahon.  They were legendary and irreplaceable.  Now Raw brings the three-man crew back with Lawler, CM Punk (who is out due to injury) and the weak link of Michael Cole.  

I think I have finally figured out with the "CM" stands for in his name.  Commentary Master.  Punk's off-color humor, whether directed at Cole or performers such as Cody Rhodes, is priceless.  For instance, he said Cody Rhodes reminded him of a Pat Patterson.  The reason being is because Patterson is a homosexual in real life.  So basically he called "Dashing" Cody Rhodes gay.  For those who picked up on the joke, it was awesome.

In addition, he insulted Cole and his taste in women...and men.  I also liked how he ranked the divas.  Calling the Bellas a "4" was hilarious. (He said Alicia Fox was a 9.8, but I'd say she's at least a 9.9).

CM Punk's quick wit and ring knowledge make him a very entertaining and tolerable commentator, much like Matt Striker (without the big words).  I find Punk to even be a very capable storyteller/play-by-play man.  However, he really shined through his color commentary. 

I do think Punk is a very good wrestler, athletic and charismatic.  However, as much as I like him as a performer, I like him that much more as a member of the announce team.  It wouldn't break my heart if he took up announcing full time, although I know he will return to in-ring action.

Hopefully before then, Punk will get a chance to work with Matt Striker, in what would be sure to be some awesome, hilarious commentary, full of sarcasm and ring knowledge from both men.

As always, feel free to provide constructive comments.  Thanks for reading.