Barcelona vs. Madrid: Post-Match Notes

Jamie PeltierContributor INovember 30, 2010

Just some random notes I wrote while watching the biggest match in the world:

What a game (of yellow cards) that I was not expecting.

Truthfully, I thought it might be a tie. But if anything, I was praying Barca would kick their whiny butts.

Seven seconds into the game, who’s on the ground already? Ronaldo. Seriously. During replays I saw the ref shaking his fingers at him to prevent him from throwing a tantrum.

A few minutes later I see Ronaldo standing with his hands on his hips five feet away from the play, giving a Barca player who took the ball away from him an evil look.

Next, there is a fight involving Ronaldo.

He is just the center of attention. I see Iniesta get involved and then Valdes then Villa then Pique then Pepe. For a moment, I was thinking they are fighting over his hair but then I see the replay.


Also, the Ref did not want Villa to score (called for at least three offsides), but he finally did—twice—within a minute apart of each other.

And then Bojan comes in for him.

In the 47th minute, the commentator coined Messi’s new nickname, “Little Genius.” At one point, all four Madrid defenders had yellow cards. Casillas may be the new backup goalie for Spain’s NT—great job Valdes!

Over the whole game, Barca had 67 percent possession compared to Real’s 33 percent. That is a pretty significant number saying that Real was leading La Liga before the start.

New standings: Barca 34, Madrid 32.