WWE's King of the Ring Raw: One of the Worst Episodes in a Long Time

Billykidd MannContributor INovember 30, 2010

Just to get this out there right off the bat, I am writing this article mostly out of great anger at the outcome of the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. Are you familiar with the phrase "can't please all of the people all of the time?"

Well, that rings very true because up until this episode I was very pleased with the companies direction. After I had heard of the WWE's plans to revive the King of the Ring tournament, I was all for it. Then after actually seeing the promo a week prior to the event, I was even more excited and couldn't hardly wait another day for it to actually get going. Then, the day finally came and I could hardly control my excitement but after it was all said and done I found myself wondering just what the hell happened.

To me the King of the Ring is a way for the superstars to really break through the glass ceiling, so to speak. Although Sheamus may have been deserving of the robe and crown, I didn't think he actually needed it. Think about it, was he hurting and struggling through the mid-card not getting a shot at the title at all?

No, he was already a pretty well established superstar having won the big one already and "retiring" Triple H. Did King of the Ring really needed to be added to his resume? Don't get me wrong, I like The Celtic Warrior, but if anyone needed to win this it was his opponent, John Morrison.

Now I know what you're thinking, that this is going to be the same old "Poor Johnny he needs a push" article and you're right, it is, because I believe he does need a push. The self-proclaimed Guru of Greatness could actually be a huge asset to the company with everyone behind him. He's got the look, the skill and the attitude, so why not him in the spotlight? Just what is it that most of us see in him that the WWE doesn't?

Another addition to the list of things the 'E crapped on recently is The Miz. Yes, it is true that he recently beat the "unbeatable" Viper but after tonight I believe that he regressed. I believe that after all of that great work the company has done in making him look like he belongs in the main event wrestling guys like John Cena and Randy Orton, they destroyed it all in one night.

How you ask? The TLC match against Jerry "the King" Lawler did that. Think about it, it took The Miz, Alex Riley and Michael Cole to beat a 61 year old man and I mean BARELY beat. In fact, I'm pretty sure King had more of a problem wrestling Andy Kaufman, but don't quote me on that. I love The Miz, but they did such a great job in making him look like such a weakling it had me questioning if he could even get off an offensive move against guys like Yoshi Tatsu.

...and don't even get me started on the Ce/Nexus angle

So that was my rant, feel free to argue with me if you'd like I would love to be told otherwise. Who knows maybe my mind will be changed in the coming weeks and I hope it does because my opinion is subject to change.