College Football's Top Five Teams Say "Thank God It's Week One"

WVU FanContributor ISeptember 1, 2008

Well, Week One has come and gone, and there are many teams and fans already shedding some tears.

Expectations have already been dashed, and the season seems to be over. The air is filled with disappointment and fans already saying "Can't wait til next year!" Well, here is a list of teams that can take solace that it is only week one.

1. Clemson

All of the high expectations came crashing down Saturday night in front of a national audience. Their potent offense was held in check, as they were destroyed by Alabama. However, they play in the ACC, and they are still one of the favorites to win the title. So the season is not over Clemson Fans.

2. Virginia Tech

Wow, I bet Beamer is glad he red shirted Taylor and went with Glennon. The Virginia Tech offense was horrible. And in the end the Hokies were beaten by East Carolina's version of "Beamer Ball". However, the ACC is still up for grabs, as the whole conference was a bit disappointing in week one.

3. Michigan

For the second straight season, the home opener spelled disaster for the Wolverines. Although they fought back at the end to make it close, the game was controlled by Utah, and the Michigan offense had nothing to offer under new coach Rich Rodriguez.

This was only week one, and the team seemed to have a little fight in them, which is reason for a little optimism in Ann Arbor for the rest of the season. Rodriguez is a good coach. They will improve throughout the year.

4. Pittsburgh

All of the preseason hype was extinguished by the visitors from Bowling Green on Saturday. Mccoy was held in check, and the Pitt offense was awful. Dave Wannstedt was out coached once again, and the seat of his pants is starting to get warm, as he continues to live on the hot seat.

However, Pittsburgh started last season the same way, and they ended it with an unbelievable upset over #2 West Virginia. This year, they need to turn it around a little quicker.

5. Louisville

Wow, that high-scoring offense from Louisville must have departed with Brian Brohm. The offense didn't even find the end zone once against Kentucky. Their only score was an intentional grounding call in the end zone, resulting in two points.

That is a far cry from the offense from last year, which ranked in the top five in several categories. The Big East as a whole was not very impressive in week one, which gives Louisville fans some hope for conference play.