Raw Gives Me Jubilation: The Miz and the WWE Pull Through

Gabe MamboContributor IIINovember 29, 2010

Tonight's Raw was highlighted by Sheamus defeating John Morrison to win the King of the Ring Tournament
Tonight's Raw was highlighted by Sheamus defeating John Morrison to win the King of the Ring Tournament

The ratings better be high. They better shatter the roof. I only watched the last 25 minutes of a stellar three hour Monday Night Raw. And for once, I loved it. For once, I feel like a wrestling fan in his younger days again.

I've been cynical about the WWE before. I've felt that they always fell short of the bar when it came to booking decisions. I always felt that the WWE was unable to pull off a great multitude of excellent matches and segments that were beyond the imagination of today's modern viewer. For once, I'm glad I was wrong.

It's OK to be wrong. It's OK to find out that somewhere deep inside, there was still a spark of life ready to ignite. I'm so fortunate that in 25 minutes, I found myself believing in the WWE again.

I found myself believing in John Morrison. To this day, I feel that he will still become a world champion. He'll be the "Shawn Michaels" to The Miz's "Marty Janetty." You just wait and see. It'll happen—someday.

But tonight was not the beginning of his great push. He showed great heart, great determination and the desire needed in a King of the Ring...but it was that Irish Rogue Sheamus that took him down for the count, winning the illustrious tournament meant to push many to great heights.

I've always thought in the kayfabe mind. If the good guy loses, that's bad. If the bad guy loses, it's great. Tonight was a bad night to be a WWE fan. John Morrison lost and the evil Sheamus won. Oh well.

I make exceptions. If a heel can put on good television, I want him to hold onto his spot on the top for dear life. For years, I have had a hard time finding a heel who could do it for the long term.

Enter The Miz.

Enter the current WWE champion, a man who proved on Raw that he could be a great heel champion. I was literally on the edge of my seat, wanting to see The Miz continue his reign of awesomeness, the kind of awe that is instilled in those who worship the mega heel.

Tonight, the worshippers were satisfied. A legend was defeated by a legend in the making. Jerry "the King" Lawler spent his birthday fighting the ruthless Cleveland native, and came up short in his quest for the WWE title. The good guy lost—great.

And so my night was made. WWE programming was at its finest again.

There wasn't a segment where Mankind celebrated the life of The Rock. There wasn't a five star match put on by Shawn Michaels and whoever could keep up with him in the squared circle. There wasn't even a beer truck, for God's sake.

But by God, there was good WWE programming. Let's hope the WWE keeps it up. I want to keep believing.