The Craziest Knockouts in Sports History

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2010

The Craziest Knockouts in Sports History

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    Even though they're shocking, jaw-dropping and sometimes brutal, knockouts are extremely addicting. 

    As barbaric as it may sound, there's nothing that riles up a crowd or draws up interest on the Internet more than seeing someone fall to the ground after a big hit, kick, punch or takedown.

    With that in mind, here are the craziest knockouts in sports history.

Honorable Mention: Johnnie Morton Knockout

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    They say that football is a tough sport.

    That may be true, but MMA is even tougher.

    Watch former NFL player and USC standout Johnnie Morton get knocked out in the first fight of his career.

Honorable Mention: Knockout Punch

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    This boxer is still trying to throw jabs as he drops to the floor.

20. Body Slam Knockout

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    Here's one way to knock someone out.

    Pick him up with both hands and body slam him to the ground.

    Hopefully he doesn't break his neck.

19. Knockout on Knees

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    Poor guy takes a fist to his face, and goes down on his knees.

    He literally falls on his knees and stays there.

18. Rugby Knockout

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    They say rugby is a pretty rough sport.

    It's even rough for this referee, who takes a rugby ball right to his noggin.

17. Combination Punch-Kick Knockout

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    This man gets clocked with a punch in the face and a kick to the head.

    That look on his face is priceless.

16. Hockey Knockout Punch

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    Fighting has always been a part of hockey.

    But, knockouts are unusual. Most of the time players swing punches that rarely connect.

    That's why this one is pretty crazy.

15. Knockout by Own Leg Kick

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    That's what you get for being the aggressor: a busted leg.

    Caution: This video is not for the faint of heart.

    Watch this guy knock himself out with a leg kick.

14. Crazy Spinning Kick From Olympics

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    Watch this South Korean knock the lights out of his opponent with a spinning kick.


13. Referee Soccer Knockout

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    This poor referee takes a soccer ball to his head and drops straight to the ground.


12. Tornado Kick

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    Take notes.

    This is how you properly execute a tornado kick.

11. Spinning Backhand Knockout

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    Here's one for the ages: a spinning bitch slap.

    This hit takes this MMA fighter straight to the ground.

10. Pre-Fight Knockout

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    This why you don't act like a fool and taunt your opponent with a kiss.

    You get flattened to the ground when you do.

9. KO'd and Still Punching

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    This guy gets dropped to the ground but is still punching while laying down.

    I wonder if he realizes he's on his back.

8. Capoeira Knockout

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    You may think capoeria is a whole lot of useless moving and dancing around.

    But, it's quite effective when you know how to use it.

    Like this guy in the video.

    What a crazy knockout!

7. Referee Takedown

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    Don't mess with this referee.

    He's not afraid to throw your butt on the ground.

6. Dancing Knockout

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    He's down!

    No, wait. He's not. 

    Oh, yes, he is.

    Props for the effort, buddy, but do yourself a favor and stay down.

5. Boxer Knocks Out Referee

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    Did did that really happen?

    This boxer takes it out on the ref. Poor guy.

4. Knocked Out Twice

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    I guess this guy didn't learn anything from going down the first time.

    He must have liked the ground so much he stopped midway from finishing a punch to let his opponent knock him out again.

    That's not very smart.

3. MMA Double Knockout

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    You have to see this one to believe it.

    Both MMA fighters go down at the same time.

    So, who wins?

2. Referee Basketball Game

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    Fox Sports News' Kevin Frazier used the word "unbelievable" to describe this.

    Knockouts aren't meant for basketball games, and referees most definitely should not be on the receiving end of punches.

    But, it happened. 

    It was tragic. The guy that dealt the blow has been suspended for life, while there are other reports that the referee actually lost his.

1. Yahir Reyes Spinning Backfist

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    This is one heck of a knockout.

    In this MMA fight between Yahir Reyes and Estevan Payan, Reyes gives Payan a spinning backfist.

    Payan didn't even know what hit him and dropped down to the floor.