Tennessee Titans Lose to Houston Texans: A Few Realizations

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst INovember 29, 2010

1. Fisher has probably lost this team. This team seemed to have more faith in VY than they did Fisher. I’m beginning to honestly wonder who was in the wrong last Sunday vs the Redskins, Fisher or Young? It appears that a lot of people on this team believe Fisher after the effort today.

CJ just didn’t seem like he gave a crap, the effort all around was lackluster and even in the early stages it seemed like the team didn’t care. Rusty Smith tried and no one can say he didn’t..but the guy simply isn’t good at all. He may go on and have a successful career after a few years of learning, but right now, he’s simply terrible.

2. Vince Young was much more important to this team, and a much better player than I realized. Say what you want about this guy’s mental state, Vince Young meant a lot more to this team than any other player. Yes, I would go as far as saying as he was more important to this team than CJ. The team appears to favor him over Fisher anyway.

I honestly am beginning to question if Fisher either exaggerated the story or just didn’t tell the whole story itself. Vince said he asked to go back in, and while I thought he was just saying that to save face at first, it may be true. Fisher says he didn’t, but I dunno.

I don’t doubt that Vince threw his pads in to the stands or got mad over what happened, but I think it may be because he wasn’t allowed back in to the game due to Fisher, and not just because he was moping over an injury.

I may just be looking too much in to this, but I’ve never seen a team give up on Fisher like this. And with that said, I’m not so sure Vince was in the wrong in what he said or did last Sunday. Again, if team effort says anything about it..it’s definitely that the team may have sided with Vince over Fisher.

We likely get a healthy Kerry back next weekend, so we can see what happens as we’re, believe or not, very much so in the AFC South race. However, if this team continues to give no effort, I’m not so sure Vince needs to be the one taking the blame for what happened.


By Alex aka Titans4Vols: Jabberhead, SJ Contributing Author


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