Miz As WWE Champion: Is It Further Proof To WWE That We Cannot Be Satisfied?

Gabe MamboContributor IIINovember 28, 2010

The Miz wins the WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw.
The Miz wins the WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw.

Six days ago, one of the biggest occurrences of the year was witnessed by the WWE Universe and many viewers at home. It was an event that will be talked about for quite some time.

After defending his WWE Championship against Wade Barrett, Randy Orton was forced to defend his title again. This was due to an opportunistic Mike Mizanin, aka "The Miz," taking advantage of the incumbent champion's leg injury caused by a Nexus attack.

Minutes later, the self-proclaimed "Awesome One" of WWE won his first world championship, cementing a solid year that featured him winning the United States and Unified Tag Team titles, along with the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase he cashed in to win the coveted WWE championship.

The Miz's career is very likely up and running, though not a lot of us want to speak too soon considering that Jack Swagger also won a world championship just after WrestleMania and is struggling to be relevant in the midcard territory of Smackdown.

Nonetheless, The Miz is now the No. 1 wrestler on Monday Night Raw with the WWE title around his waist. Meanwhile, many people have had a negative reaction towards this monumental moment in the former "Real World" star's career.

The general consensus is that the Miz being WWE champion is bad. This goes beyond the desired reaction to the kayfabe elements of this shocking turn of events. Members of the Internet Wrestling Community are upset. They're angry. They're defiant of the WWE's latest decision. The Miz as WWE champion? Ridiculous, they say.

But is it ridiculous? Is it ridiculous to think that someone who makes so much noise in the wrestling world actually deserves a main event championship run? Is it ridiculous to think that someone that is mildly controversial is suddenly propelled as the top heel of the company's flagship show? Is it ridiculous to see the Miz as WWE champion? I say no.

I was very excited to see the Miz win the WWE championship. I know that I am beating a dead horse when I'm saying that there's little that he's done not to deserve the opportunity that he has right now. As a matter of fact, I think this couldn't have happened soon enough.

Did I feel that The Miz winning Money in the Bank was a bit premature? Definitely. I thought that an impromptu title shot initiated by Vincent Kennedy McMahon would have sufficed, or maybe even a win in tomorrow's anticipated King of the Ring tournament.

But instead, this is what happens. He gets a Money in the Bank briefcase and everything changes.

It didn't change for the worse. I found myself wanting to see The Miz leave Sheamus bereft of a WWE title several times. Several times, I felt disappointment when someone thwarted the Miz's attempt to win the WWE championship belt.

The Miz makes me interested. If garnering interest from a viewer isn't enough to warrant a solid title shot, I don't know what is.

He's cocky. He's arrogant. He's a common heel with an NXT scrub lackey. He loves to be hated because he doesn't care. He's "awesome." Combine that character with good microphone skills and charisma up the wazoo, and you have yourself a great top heel. Now that's awesome.

But unfortunately, The Miz is the latest subject of an Internet community gone mad. He's become the target of scorn, dissent and unfounded anger. He's become more evidence to help prove that the Internet Wrestling Community cannot be satisfied.

Did we not complain about a stale, static main event scene in WWE? Did we not want some variety when it came to who was "shoved down our throats?" Did we not feel subjected to predictable, boring wrestling?

We asked for some change. The WWE gave it to us, though we don't know if they listened or just felt like shaking things up. Either way, when we receive something we should love, it's bad.

I've forgiven some complaints. The two WWE title reigns of Sheamus did not help him get over as a heel, and he was made to look like a weak champion.

Poor booking plagued the Irish Brawler and his backstage ties are the only thing keeping him from becoming an afterthought.

The same can be said for Jack Swagger. Again, he was made to look like a weak champion. In the end, his push to the main event was too hasty and lacked forethought.

No backstage friend could help him after he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Rey Mysterio. No main event push was seen since then.

But now, we come back to The Miz. I expected him to cash the briefcase in on Randy Orton. Predictability is almost impossible to do in today's world. Storyline leaks and taped-show spoilers make sure of that problem.

Still, I was enthralled when the Miz won the WWE title. Too bad the rest of the IWC was not.

They were too busy picking at every flaw that the Miz had. They were too busy feeling that he wasn't a great wrestling star for the future. Some were even hoping for a transitional reign, something I feel wouldn't help him or WWE.

But alas, it doesn't matter how things go. The Miz is the WWE champion, and the IWC shows it cannot be satisfied.

This is the same IWC that shows no appreciation for a man who does nothing but help the wrestling industry in a less prominent time. This is the same IWC that turns to the dismal promotion of TNA, hoping nostalgia will overcome any form of lacking effort from the WWE.

And now, this is the same IWC that complains about a great heel being WWE champion.

Maybe The Miz was wrong about being the Anti-John Cena. The dissent he receives from the IWC shows they share the common bond of unfounded dislike.