WWE Gimmicks: 100 Vintage Foreign Objects Carried Ringside

Dan PowerSenior Analyst INovember 29, 2010

WWE Gimmicks: 100 Vintage Foreign Objects Carried Ringside

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    Mr Socko and Head... Oh! There's also Al Snow and Mankind.
    Mr Socko and Head... Oh! There's also Al Snow and Mankind.

    What if WWE decided to organize a garage sale with all the various stuff used as gimmick extensions or as weapons? You would get the following list on which feature 100 very miscellaneous objects brought ringside by wrestlers and managers.

    Those objects can be weapons, accessories or mascots. To feature on that list, the piece of equipment must be more than just a part of the outfit, such as masks, gloves or simple hats.

    So, with no more introduction, let's see the 100 greatest gimmick foreign objects in WWE history. There is no particular order from No. 100 to 21, but the Top 20 are the most memorable. 

100. The Money in the Bank Briefcase

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    Not exactly a part of a gimmick, but the holders of the contract always won a World Title after cashing it.

    In addition, the briefcase was usually used as a hitting weapon. Seven different wrestlers held the coveted briefcase.  

99. Hercules' Chains

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    He used to carry long chains around his neck on the way to the ring.

98. Razor Ramon's Toothpick

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    He liked to throw his signature toothpick in the face of his opponents to infuriate them. 

97. Hornswoggle

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    DX and Finlay's mascot. 

96. Skinner's Chewing Tobbaco

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    WWF's favorite crocodile hunter enjoyed spitting a chew of tobacco (sometimes on his opponents) before his matches. 

95. IRS' Briefcase

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    IRS' briefcase was more than just an accessory to go with his tax collector gimmick; it was also used as a weapon. 

94. Owen Hart's Cast and Slammy

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    In 1996, Owen Hart faked an arm injury, and he used his cast as an offensive weapon. The same year, he always carried with him his Slammy Award trophy (for Squared Circle Shocker) he also used as weapon. 

93. Killer Khan and Tajiri's Asian Mist

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    Usually green, the Asian mist was a spitting weapon used to blind opponents behind the back of the referee.

    Killer Khan used it in the 80s, and Tajiri continued the tradition in the 2000s.  

92. The Undertaker's Caskets

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    Mostly used for his famous casket matches, he also used them to inflict fear on his opponents. 

91. Jeff Jarrett's Guitar

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    Double J once smashed his guitar on a 76-year-old Fabulous Moolah in 1999...and many others. 

90. The Berzerker's Shield and Sword

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    To add more impact to his Viking look, The Berzerker carried a shield and a sword to the ring.

    Fortunately, he rarely used those weapons in his match.  

89. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese's Trash Can

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    To go with his gimmick, he always had a trash can with him.  

88. Triple H's Sledgehammer

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    When he needs an equalizer against multiple opponents, there's nothing like HHH's sledgehammer. 

87. Mr. Fuji's Salt

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    Mr Fuji used to throw a handful of salt in the eyes of his protégés' opponents, particularly when he was Yokozuna's manager.  

86. The Goon's Hockey Stick

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    In addition to his hockey player uniform, there's nothing more obvious than a hockey stick. 

85. The Big Boss Man's Handcuffs

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    To make sure his opponents didn't run while he was hitting them with his nightstick, there was nothing like handcuffs. 

84. Jake Roberts' Cobra

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    Roberts once used a cobra to bite Randy Savage. 

83. Jim Cornette's Tennis Racket

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    The opponents of Cornette's clients often received a racket hit on the back.  

82. The Warlord's Trident

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    Even his legendary spear couldn't help to give The Warlord more charisma.  

81. Papa Shango's Skull and Voodoo Accessories

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    Vintage pieces of equipment in the mid-'90s.  

80. The Godfather's Ho Train

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    Okay, it's not nice to consider women as objects, but it is how WWF treated ladies in 1998-99.

    Before his matches, The Godfather offered his opponents the right to "use" his girls if they forfeited the match. 

79. Giant Gonzales' Fake Body Hair

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    Fake muscles on the outfit can be acceptable—but fake hair?! 

78. Saba Simba's Headdress and Shield

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    The legendary Tony Atlas once looked like that in the '80s.  

77. The Smoking Gunns' Cowboy Guns

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    Before being Bad Ass Billy, Gunn was a cowboy who played with a toy gun before his matches.  

76. Mantaur's Beast Head

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    Vintage entrance outfit in the '90s. 

75. Goldust's Wig

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    He always wore that platinum blond long hair wig for his entrance. 

74. Marlena's Cigar

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    Before Clinton's cigar, there was Marlena's. 

73. Christian's Sunglasses

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    Christian once had a weird look with his unique sunglasses. 

72. Finlay's Shillelagh

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    Finlay used his traditional Irish club on various occasions, mainly as heel.

71. Macho King's Sceptre

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    After he won the 1989 King Of The Ring tournament, Randy Savage became Macho King and received a sceptre he would use as weapon on many occasions.

    The most famous use of the sceptre was at the 1991 Royal Rumble; he smashed it on The Ultimate Warrior's head, allowing Sgt. Slaughter to become the WWF Champion. 

70. The Nasty Boys' Motorbike Helmet

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    The Nasty Boys never hesitated to use their motorbike helmet to knock down opponents. 

69. Val Venis' Towel

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    At No. 69 (pun intended), we have Val Venis' towel to go with his porn-star gimmick. 

68. Jerry Lawler's Crown

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    It is one of the most famous crowns in WWE history. 

67. Carlito's Apple

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    He liked to take a bite of an apple to spit it in the face of opponents.  

66. Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz' Baseball and Glove

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    The most famous jobber, also known as The Brooklyn Brawler, once had an evil baseball player gimmick. 

65. The Dudleys' Tables

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    Of course, many wrestlers used tables as weapon, but it became The Dudley Boys' trademark.  

64. Steel Chairs

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    Edge & Christian made them famous with their "con-chair-to".

    We can also give an honorable mention to Mick Foley, who has been smashed countless times by steel chairs.  

63. Ladders

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    Shawn Michaels and The Hardy Boyz first come to mind when we talk about ladders. 

62. Steve Blackman's Eskrima Sticks

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    He used to bring two Eskrima sticks ringside to go with his martial-arts expert gimmick but rarely used them. 

61. Sandman's Singapore Cane

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    He made this weapon famous in the "new" ECW.  

60. Kamala's African Shield and Spear

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    The Ugandan Giant used to bring some kind of wooden shield and a spear ringside to go with his gimmick, but never used it to attack opponents to my knowledge.  

59. Iron Sheik / Col. Mustapha's Iranian and Iraqi Flags

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    He used those flags to generate heat with the USA crowds and sometimes as weapons.  

58. The Bolsheviks' USSR Flag

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    To go with their Russian gimmick, Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff carried with them a USSR flag; they could also use it to hit or poke their opponents.  

57. The Moondogs' Animal Bone

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    They used it as a weapon or simply to chew. 

56. Repo Man's Tow Rope

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    He always carried his signature tow rope; he often used it to tie up his defeated opponents to beat them even more. 

55. Man Mountain Rock's Electric Guitar

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    One of the most forgettable characters brought his electric guitar to the ring and played some riffs. 

54. Hakushi's Cane, Bag and Bell

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    As a part of his elaborate entrance costume, Hakushi carried his unique cane, with a mysterious bag and a little bell.  

53. Outlaw Ron Bass' Bullwhip and Spurs

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    Outlaw Ron Bass' bullwhip even had a name—Miss Betsy. He used it to choke opponents after matches and to drag them.

    In an unforgettable bloody mess, he also cut Brutus Beefcake's forehead with his spurs (called Bret and Bart) in 1988.  

52. Matilda

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    The British Bulldogs' famous mascot in the '80s. Matilda was not around for long, but the lovely bulldog is hard to forget. 

51. The Junkyard Dog's Chains

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    He wore long chains around his neck for a more animal look.

50. The Executioner's Decapitating Axe

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    As a part of his gimmick but rarely as a weapon, The Executioner (Terry Gordy) carried a long axe. 

49. Haystacks Calhoun's Horseshoe Necklace

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    To go with his farmer's gimmick, the legendary big man wore an actual horseshoe necklace.  

48. Gangrel's Goblet of Blood

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    For his vampiric entrance, he carried a goblet filled with blood he used to drink and spit in the air.  

47. The Spirit Squad's Cheerleading Pom-Poms

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    The infamous stable used cheerleaders' pom-poms as a part of their gimmick. 

46. Corporal Kirchner's Strap of Bullets

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    During his short run with the WWF in the '80s, he carried a strap of bullets on his shoulder to go with his soldier's gimmick. 

45. The Godwinns Bucket of Slop

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    The Godwinns became famous in WWF for "slopping" their opponents. One of the most famous victims was Sunny. 

44. Johnny Polo's Golf and Polo Sticks

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    Before becoming the hardcore legend, Raven was known as Johnny Polo, the manager of Adam Bomb and The Quebecers.

    He used to carry a golf or a polo stick to help his clients behind the back of the referee. 

43. The Undertaker's Motorbike

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    In 2000, The Undertaker went back with a completely revamped gimmick, and he went to the ring on a motorbike, inspired by the Disciples of Apocalypse, who did it first. 

42. The Barbarian's Unique Hat and Attire

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    No description required. Just watch and enjoy. 

41. JBL's Limo

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    As an extension to his rich-man gimmick, JBL made it to the ramp in his "horned" limousine. 

40. Kurt Angle's Gold Medal

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    The Olympic Champion never left home without his medal. 

39. Gobbledy Gooker

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    At Survivor Series 1990, a weird bird emerged from the mystery egg.

    That was the legendary Gobbledy Gooker.

38. The Genius' Metal Scroll

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    Also known as Lanny Poffo, The Genius had his poetry written on a metal scroll he often used to hit opponents, as wrestler or as manager. 

37. The Million Dollar Belt

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    Not sanctioned by WWE, the Championship was more a huge piece of jewelry than anything else.

36. Sgt. Slaughter's Whistle

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    Slaughter used his whistle to annoy the fans and to add a dimension to his Army gimmick.  

35. Santino Marella's Whistle

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    He used it only once, but it was historic; he almost swallowed it.  

34. Chief Jay Strongbow's Traditional Headdress and Warrior's Axe

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    He wore his traditional Native American headdress and his axe to portray his persona. 

33. Isaac Yankem's Dentist Equipment

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    Also known as Kane, Isaac Yankem wore some dentist equipment. 

32. Jack Swagger's Mascot

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    We can thank Edge to have speared Swagger's annoying mascot out of action. 

31. Ricky Steamboat's Fire and Komodo Dragon

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    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat marked the late '80s and the early '90s with classic matches.

    He used to breathe fire, and he carried an actual Komodo Dragon on some occasions.

30. John Cena's Chain Necklace

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    During his rapper's gimmick run, Cena wore his signature necklace.  

29. John Cena's Dog Tag

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    After he starred in "The Marine," he started to wear his famous dog tag. 

28. Kama's Urn Necklace

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    In the middle of a feud with The Million Dollar Corporation, Kama stole Paul Bearer's urn to melt it into a necklace.  

27. T.L. Hopper's Plunger

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    The WWF plumber always carried his legendary plunger. 

26. Alberto Del Rio's Personal Announcer

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    Okay. Ricardo Rodriguez is not exactly a thing, but we can consider him a mascot.

25. Mae Young's Hand

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    One of the oddest moments in WWE history.

    Remember when Mae Young, 76 years old, gave birth to Mark Henry's baby?   

24. Doink's Clown Equipment

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    No matter who portrayed him, Doink enjoyed clown tricks, and he often brought with him his little buddy Dink.

    He never hesitated to use tricked gift boxes, to hit foes with a fake arm or to spray water in opponents' eyes. 

23. The Anonymous Raw General Manager's Laptop

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    As Michael Cole would say: "And I Quote"...

    The laptop's greatest moment was when Edge speared it; the famous destroyed piece was even put in an auction sale. 

22. Bret Hart's Sunglasses

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    He came to the ring with his signature sunglasses and gave them to a kid in the audience before each match.  

21. William Regal's Brass Knuckles

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    The brass knuckles became his signature foreign object in 2002. 


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    The next Top 20 is the continuing list, but now in order for the most memorable objects.

    I also invite all of you to post your comments and to mention the objects I didn't include. I certainly forgot many, but I had to stop, and 100 seemed like a good number.

20. The Boogeyman's Worms

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    Funny or disgusting. It's up to you. 

19. Bob Orton's cast

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    The most famous cast in WWE history was even featured in a Bob Orton action figure.

    Randy Orton's dad was a pioneer in the use of the arm cast as a weapon to earn illegal wins or for outside interference. 

18. Al Snow's Head

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    One of the most bizarre things a wrestler ever brought ringside, it could be used as a weapon, but it was also Al Snow's friend.  

17. Rick Martel's "Arrogance" Cologne

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    His famous perfume was often used to blind his opponents. This led to the infamous blindfold match at Wrestlemania VII.  

16. The Grand Wizard's Legendary Sunglasses and Turbans

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    The iconic manager was always seen with his famous sunglasses and his colorful turbans.   

15. Harley Race's Crown

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    It was the first crown, worn by the "original" King of WWE.

14. The Mountie's Taser

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    In 1991-92, The Mountie shocked the WWE roster with his taser.

13. Frankie

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    Frankie was a parrot brought ringside by Koko B. Ware in the '80s. 

12. Mr. Socko

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    Mick Foley used a stinky sock to apply a more effective Mandible Claw. 

11. Mr. Fuji's Cane

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    Used to poke or to hit the babyface wrestlers in the back of countless referees. 

10. The Big Boss Man's Nightstick

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    As the bully law enforcer, it was natural to see The Big Boss Man hanging around with his famous nightstick.  

9. Jim Duggan's 2x4 Length of Wood

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    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan never left home without his famous 2x4 length of wood.  

8. Jimmy Hart's Megaphone

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    The Mouth of the South used a trademark megaphone to bug the crowds and his clients' opponents with his famous voice.

    It could also be used as a weapon.

7. Brutus Beefcake's Scissors

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    Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake always had his small or gardening scissors with him. 

6. Ted DiBiase's Money

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    What would The Million Dollar Man be without all his money he enjoyed putting it into beaten opponents' mouths?

5. Paul Bearer's Urn

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    For years, The Undertaker's manager carried an urn that gave him power. This year, the urn came back, but against The Deadman.  

4. George "The Animal" Steele's Turnbuckle Stuffing

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    It's not exactly a foreign object since it's a part of the ring, but it was still unorthodox and weird.

    He made it his signature by biting the turnbuckle to take a handful of stuffing he used to blind his opponents. 

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin's Beer Cans

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    This list wouldn't be complete without the unforgettable moments given by Steve Austin and his unique way to drink beer. 

2. The Honky Tonk Man's Guitar

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    The most famous guitar in WWE history, smashed on so many heads.

1. Damien

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    Jake "The Snake" Roberts' famous snakes (a boa constrictor or a python) were put on defeated opponents in countless vintage moments. 

    His snake also scared Andre The Giant, Kamala and a whole generation of Old School fans. 


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    I had a lot of fun to do that slideshow and I hope you enjoyed that long trip down the memory lane.

    So many unforgettable moments came back to my mind with all those WWE vintage objects.

    What are your most memorable objects?

    What did I forget?

    The comment section is wide open for your comments.