Mississippi State Bulldogs Don't Belong In Ruston

SEC Idiots .comCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

Dear Mississippi State fans,

Didn't watch the game and don't know everything that happened. Noticed that Wesley Carrol threw a pick every other time he dropped back, but that's neither here nor there. The most upsetting thing about the Louisiana Tech win is that the game was played in Ruston, Louisiana.


Not StarkVegas. Ruston, Louisiana.


You need to remember who you are and where you came from. You're in the SEC. We don't play in places like Ruston, because we don't have to.


We sign billion-dollar television deals. That's billion with a “B.” We could have had our own SEC television network, but the worldwide leader in sports wanted to handle that for us.


If we open the season away from our home stadium, it's for good reason. Tennessee is going to Los Angeles, not Ruston. Alabama was paid to treat the future ACC Champion like a stepchild in the Georgia Dome, not Ruston. And that's paid with a “P.”


If you have a bad team, then open the season with a worse team. It is scientifically impossible that your team played worse than Arkansas did, yet they are 1-0 and you are 0-1. They just had a little better handle on their cupcake limit.


If you want to help some smaller school keep its Bowl Subdivision status by boosting its home attendance, call your Hog buddies in Arkansas and seek their advice. They'll be playing an away game against Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock next week.


You do not belong in Ruston. I don't care if the tickets only cost $12 or they were free. SEC teams don't open seasons at WAC stadiums. They don't play there, period.


You need to respect yourself more. After all, you are the rightful co-owner (along with LSU) of the Iron Bowl trophy for the next three months, and you have a good chance to defend your title. You made NCAA record-breaking rusher Kevin Smith look like a high school running back at the Liberty Bowl last year.


What I want you to do is pick yourself up, shake it off, and forget about it. Act like this never happened. Don't mention it again.


Act like an Alabama fan when someone brings up Bear Bryant. Act like Spurrier in a press conference after a win. Or a loss. Act like a Kentucky basketball fan any day of the year.


Act like your crazy ex-baseball coach.


I want to you walk around StarkVegas this week like you have a 16-inch, uh, foot. Because you know what they say about people with big feet.


They don't belong in Ruston.




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