Celebrating Wrestling: 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero's Greatest Matches

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Celebrating Wrestling: 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero's Greatest Matches

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    A career that stretched out from Mexico to Japan, from ECW to WCW and finally to the WWE. Eddie Guerrero is no doubt one wrestling's greatest treasure. The Mexican american wrestler honed his craft of lucha libre and perfected it wrestling in Japan. Its a wonderful mix of styles and technique that can only be found on a wrestler like Eddie. 

    He lie, cheat and steal! and he's very proud of it. He made his career entertaining fans with deceitful tactics and dirty tricks. Battling a series of drug addictions, Eddie Guerrero is a perfect example of rising through the ranks. He inspired us to never give up and never surrender. He inspired us to fight our demons. More importantly, he made us want to watch wrestling.

    Damn, I miss Latino Heat.

    So lets look back through the years and see some of Eddie Guerrero's greatest wrestling matches. From Mexico, Japan, ECW, WCW and WWE.

    RIP "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero

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    This is my tribute article to my favorite wrestler. I planned to publish this sooner like on his anniversary but I didn't make it on time. It's a little late but I still wanna do it. 

    If you disagree with any of the matches, or you think that he had a better match at that year then comment on it. If you hate the match or think it does not deserve to be in the list then comment on it too. Commenting is fun.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1993 Dean Malenko

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    The early parts of Eddie's career were mostly on independent promotions and in Mexico's Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) where he teamed up with Mexican legends El Hijo del Santo.

    The video is a match of Eddie against the technical legend, Dean Malenko. This was a pure wrestling ten minute match that pitted two of the greatest. Eddie eventually came back to Japan and wrestled as Black Tiger where he had kick ass matches with other wrestling legends such as Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.

    Dean Malenko was an under rated wrestler for the simple fact that he has little mic skill. It was nice to see him do what he do best and that was straight wrestling.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1994 Hair Vs Mask El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon

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    Not a lot of people remember Art Barr. Well, he never really reached mainstream wrestling but he was Eddie's tag team partner back in AAA. The duo was called La Pareja del Terror or The Pair of Terror. The pair was such an effective heel tag team that they were regarded as the most hated tag team in lucha libre history ever. 

    For those that don't know, Art Barr innovated the Frog Splash. A move Eddie has adopted as a tribute to Art. Many wrestlers has since adopted the move as a tribute to Eddie.

    This match was the very first lucha pay per view in America. Eddie and Art wager their mullet for El Hijo del Santo (the guy with the silver mask) and Octagon's mask in a losing effort. 

    I do hope you all watch the video. There is no heel tag team quite like The Pair of Terror.

    RIP Art Barr

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1995 2 Out Of 3 Falls Dean Malenko

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    Eddie and Art was invited by Paul Heyman to wrestle in ECW. However, Art Barr died before they could debut in the land of extreme.

    Eddie met Dean Malenko once again in ECW and had a bunch of five star matches there. It was just awesome the way these two would educate ECW fans of classic wrestling and the crowd thank them for that.

    This match is the last match of Eddie and Dean in ECW. Both of them were moving to WCW so they decided to go out with a bang.   A two out of three falls match that ended in a draw after which both wrestler would receive an emotional send off from the fans and even the guys from the locker room.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1996 US Title Match Konnan

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    Eddie's early WCW years spent chasing the United States Championship. He had several crack at it until he was finally crowned US champion after defeating Diamond Dallas Page. Eddie's first championship in WCW. 

    This was Eddie's first attempt at the title. In a match against Konnan, Eddie would try to out wrestle the Cuban native in an exciting lucha libre match reminiscent of their days in AAA.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1997 Title Vs Mask Rey Mysterio Jr.

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    Eddie Guerrero defended his United States title against a bunch of competitors like Scott Norton, Syxx and Chris Jericho. 

    He eventually lost the title to Dean Malenko soon afterwards.

    Later in the year, Eddie defeated Chris Jericho for the cruiser weight title in his second championship. He then feuded with Rey Mysterio Jr. in on of the cruiser weight titles greatest competition. This match was at both competitors peak so if you enjoyed Eddie and Rey in WWE, you'll definitely love them in WCW.

    A lot of people argue that the guy in the purple outfit is not Rey and honestly, a lot of people are retarded. Who else can that be? Mr. Fuji?

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1998 Ultimo Dragon

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    In 1998, Eddie would be involved in an angle with his nephew for the first time ever. After losing a match, Chavo was forced to become Eddie's slave. In this match, Ultimo Dragon was Chavo's surrogate. If Ultimo Dragon wins then Chavo is no longer Eddie's slave. 

    After trumping Ultimo Dragon, Eddie would see Chavo later display insane behaviors and kiss him after the match. This later went a bizarre turn when after losing a hair vs. hair match, Chavo would shave his own head. Personally, I like this better than an eagle costume. 

    More importantly, this match was Puroresu meeting Lucha Libre which is legendary, any day. Ultimo Dragon defined the cruiser weight division along with some great luchadore in WCW so you can't go wrong with this match.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

1999 The Revolution

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    In 1999, Eddie along with Rey Mysterio and Konnan help form the Latino World Order (lWo). This was another parody of Eric Bischoff's greatest brain child, the nWo. This group was mainly composed of wrestlers who felt that they were not getting their deserved push.  Sadly, Guerrero was involved in a serious car accident on New Year's Day,of that year and it cut the LWO storyline short. Guerrero survived the accident and returned to wrestling in a matter of months.

    He came back and formed the Filthy Animal stable composed of Rey, Konnan, Juventud Guerrera, Billy Kidman and Disco Inferno.

    The group mostly feuded with The Revolution stable. There was a bunch of stables in WCW. This group composed of Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko. 

    In the match above, The Filthy Animals with Torie Wilson battle against The Revolution and, WCW's answer to Chyna, the muscular Asya in an elimination mixed tag team match.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

2000 Essa Rios and Lita

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    Eddie was unhappy with the situation in WCW so he asked for his release. In 2000, he signed with rival company, the WWE. Along with fellow WCW detractors Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn and formed The Radicalz Stable. 

    Eddie then had this fascination with the ninth wonder of the world, Chyna. Chyna in turn, says to us all that she could not resist his Latino Heat. His new found romance with Chyna led him to his first championship reign in the WWE defeating Chris Jericho for the European title.

    Later on, Eddie and Chyna would feud with Essa Rios and, the cute then, Lita. I cannot believe Lita at how cute Lita was back then with the same ring sense as Kelly Kelly, its incredible. She went a long way from being cute to being Dudley Death Dropped a lot to being a "ho".

    Anyways, witness Eddie and  Chyna team up to defeat Essa Rios and Lita in this spectacular edition of Smackdown!

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

    RIP Lita's career

2001 European Title Match Test

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    Eventaully, Eddie and Chyna broke up and then feuded for the Intercontinental Championship. He would later cheat on Chyna with a couple of Godfather's ho and declared that "2 Mamacitas is better than one."

    Eddie would then re united with The Radicalz and feuded with the newly reformed Degeneration X and later on, The Hardy  Boyz. 

    After that, he focused on the European Championship again. He defeated Test in a memorable match at Wrestlemania 17 with the help of The Radicalz.

    This match is awesome. Only Eddie can get a cheap win and be praised for it. This was also a great performance from Test. 

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

    RIP Andrew Martin "Test"

2002 Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Edge

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    In 2002, WWE separated the rosters and Eddie became a mainstay in Smackdown. He formed a tag team with his nephew Chavo and they were known as Los Guerreros celebrating their lying, cheating and stealing ways.

    With the World Tag Team Championship being exclusive on Raw, Stephanie Mcmahon created the WWE Tag Team Championship and held a tag tournament to crown the champions. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle would win the tournament. The dysfunctional couple would lose the title against Rey and Edge. Los Guerrors would make their presence in it all. Stephanie would then make announcer this incredible match. 

    It was the team of Eddie and Chavo defeating the team of Chris and Kurt and the team of Rey and Edge in an elimination tag team match that they ultimately won. This is the ultimate wrestling match for people who loves wrestling. 

    Weirdly though, this Survivor Series is a PPV with no traditional Survivor Series match. 

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

    RIP Chris Benoit

2003 Resurrected US Title Chris Benoit

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    In 2003, Eddie Guerrero was in the finals against Chris Benoit for the resurrected United States Championship. Eddie won the match after Rhyno gored the crap out of Benoit. Eddie became a wonderful heel after gaining the belt saying that he does not need friends and even turned on his former tag partner, Tajiri.

    This match is a spectacular wrestling match. Chris Benoit is such an aggressive wrestler and that was coupled by Eddie Guerrero's wrestling theatrics which makes this a five star classic.

    Eddie soon dropped the title to the dominant Big Show but not after the giant got a taste of tainted burrito and showered with sewage waste.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

    RIP Chris Benoit

2004 Texas Bull Rope Match JBL

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    In 2004, Eddie realized his dream of becoming WWE Champion when he defeated Brock Lesnar at No Way Out. He then defended the title from Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 20 escaping the ankle lock by taking his boots off and rolling Angle up to a small package pin. Eddie later came back in the ring to share an emtional moment with Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Eddie soon faced a new contender in the form of JBL. The Texan wrestler proved to be a thorn in Eddie's side and they soon settled things at The Great American Bash in a Texas Bull Rope match. In a bloody hard core match, Eddie would lose the match after then GM Kurt Angle would reverse the referee's decision and award the belt to JBL.

    Still though, this was Eddie's best performance ever.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

2005 Ladder Match Rey Mysterio

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    In 2005, Eddie faced Rey once again. They were the tag team champions at the time until Rey pinned Eddie at Wrestlemania 21 to prove who was better between them. Not long after that, Eddie would turn on Rey and then bloodied him. He marked his heel turn after he suplexed his former tag partner on the steel steps.

    This took a bizarre turn Eddie would cut a promo telling Rey that he would tell the whole world of their secret. Rey and Eddie would face at Judgement Day with the promise of keeping that secret. Rey won but Eddie told the secret anyway. 

    He was Dominic's father. Yeah, WWE at their best.

    This whole angle culminated in a Ladder match for the custody of Dominic. After a series of back and forth action, Vickie Guerrero would appear and shove Eddie off the top of the ladder. Rey took advantage of this and won the match.

    After the whole ordeal, Eddie was suppose to turn face again bringing back Latino Heat until sadly, Eddie died in his sleep. 

    In 2006, Eddie was inducted in the Hall of Fame, cementing his place among the greatest of greats.

    RIP Eddie Guerrero


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    Rest In Peace

    Eduardo Gory "Eddie" Guerrero

    October 9, 1967 – November 13, 2005