WWE: Whatever Happened to Promos & Video Build-Up before a Match?

ReDevilContributor IIINovember 28, 2010

You have got a hot feud going on, and a big match is about to take place on pay-per-view. That's great, and we still see stuff like that now, but what happened to the promo that aired before almost every match on pay-per-view?

It didn't matter if a wrestler was opening the match or ending the match, before they came out, we would see all the high and low points of the feud, and then, you hoped the only thing you missed when taking a bathroom break was the entrances or sometimes you'd have to hold it in.

The WWE used to do an amazing job with video packages; they still can do it and they need to do more. I'm pretty sure every wrestling fan is also into mixed martial arts and UFC, and well, UFC does a really good job of hyping up the fight with pre-shows that show the fighter's training schedule, they show how other people think the fight will go down and we also see some trash talk between the fighters.

Once you watch that, you are hooked no matter how little or how big a fan of UFC you are. These build-ups might seem like a small thing in the big picture, but it's the small things that make the big difference. If I am going to watch John Cena face off against Randy Orton for the title, then I would like to know what has happened between those two and what led up to them squaring off. I want to know as a fan, if the match is because of a personal issue, if it is just about the title or if it is both.

Tell me if you still don't get excited and have the desire to watch the match again after watching this. That promo stands out in my mind as one of the greatest build-ups I have ever seen. But it's Wrestlemania, that had to be a big one so let's see something at some other pay-per-view. Did that not make you want to see The American BadAss kill the WWF Champion and win the title even more?

This is another one of my favorite promos that really plays with your emotion. You feel it; it just touches you deep down inside and it gives you a reason, no it makes you care about the match and what's going to happen next.

Small things like this can make a huge difference in the quality of a match. I do not know why this tradition was stopped, but what I do want is for build-ups and promos before a match to come back. It gives the fans a reason to care for the match and build-up and has introduced me to many awesome songs. So please Vince, give the fans a reason to care about your wrestlers and their ongoing rivalries, bring back these build-up promos.