WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Wants To See Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir in UFC

Akvar MindonesContributor IIINovember 27, 2010

In a very interesting post-Thanksgiving blog, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has endorsed the idea of UFC President Dana White ignoring the Twitter universe and scheduling the company's biggest attraction, Brock Lesnar against Frank Mir in a much-discussed rubber match.

"Read on Yahoo Sports where UFC President Dana White and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar haven't spoken since Brock's last fight. Not sure what to read into that except it is somewhat unusual for the head honcho and one of his company's biggest attractions to not be communicating directly. Knowing Brock, he's probably in the woods in some isolated place hunting deer or some other big game. One would assume that Lesnar will fight again in the late spring of 2011 or at least I'm sure that Lesnar fans, like me, hope," Ross wrote, referring to the excellent article written by Dave Meltzer on Yahoo during Thanksgiving week.

One would think Ross has some insight into the situation because of his friendship with Paul Heyman, the former pro wrestling power broker who is co-authoring Brock Lesnar's autobiography, and has been making tremendous in-roads into Mixed Martial Arts.

In his blog, which can be read in entirety here (http://www.jrsbarbq.com/blog/post-thanksgiving-ramblingsmain-event-mustard-be-here-soonlesnardanamirhouston-memoriesjrs-cook), JR also writes:

"Both Lesnar and White are unique individuals with strong personalties but I would think that they will be speaking sooner than later about Brock's long term future and next opponent.

To me Brock Lesnar's next opponent is a no brainer. It should be Frank Mir who is as good as they come in verbally selling a PPV fight in UFC. Mir hung Lesnar's first loss on Brock to which the Minnesotan avenged evening their personal score at 1-1. Why not have the 'rubber match?' No one seemed to mind a 'rubber match' between BJ Penn and Matt Hughes recently even though the ending came in a shockingly abrupt manner. 

Lesnar-Mir 3 would have a reason for taking place and would be a lay up to promote. If MMA fanatics don't like it now they will once the promotion started and the two fighters started speaking about the pending confrontation. 

Going forward, many fighters will likely feel that they have a 'road map' on how to beat Lesnar. Effectively use one's fists to exploit what is perceived to be Lesnar's lack of striking defense. 

Mir is a shrewd strategist and would prepare to fight Lesnar just as Shane Carwin did in round one of their fight and in the same manner that Cain Velásquez did to win the UFC heavyweight Title. Make Lesnar play striking defense and attempt to land a bomb with an unrelenting 4 ounce glove.  

The good news for UFC is that Frank Mir will pontificate on the subject of how to beat Lesnar to the degree that fans will pay big bucks to buy the PPV to see Mir either fulfill his prophecy or to see Lesnar shut Mir's mouth and get back in the 'hunt' for a title shot of which a victory in a proposed Lesnar-Mir 3 battle would likely earn the winner.  

Lesnar-Mir 3 has marketable significance for the winner notwithsanding that the loser's career will be severely bruised. As a major fan of UFC, this is a fight that I want to see."

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