10 Ways to Get Pumped Up For An NFL Game If You're Under 21

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst IAugust 31, 2008

I bet you're wondering why I put that "under 21" clause in the title.  This list doesn't include drinking beer before the game.


10) Find a new way to wear your team's colors to school every day.  I'll map out a sample schedule.  Be creative.

Monday: You're gonna ask your crush out today.  Wear a polo with your team's logo on it.

Tuesday: You've got a long way to walk to your morning class today.  Wear a pair of sneakers with your team's logo on it.

Wednesday: It's kind of warm today, and you're naturally warm-blooded.  Wear a t-shirt with your team's name and logo on it. 

Thursday: A historical cold-spell has descended upon your school's region today.  Wear a hoodie sweatshirt to keep warm.

Friday: Your first period history teacher has been pissing you off the whole semester.  Play a prank on her and go shirtless while coating yourself with body paint in your team's colors.

Saturday: Nothing major happens today.  Wear a hat sporting your team's logo and name.

Sunday:  It's finally game day!  Wear your team's sneakers, shorts, jersey, and hat to church if your church allows it.  Otherwise just wear it all to the game.


9) Play Madden NFL '09

The day before game day, play through a season with your team on Madden NFL 09 all day, non-stop.  Then get up early Sunday and play a game against the week's opponent.  This always gets me in the mood for football.


8) Watch NFL Live

Watch every second of TV coverage on your team that you can find.  A great way to cap this off is to watch the Sunday 11:00 AM airing of NFL Live.


7) Daydream about your team blowing out its opponent for the coming game during your least-favorite class.


6) Reread all articles your local newspaper published about last week's game.


5) Log onto your team's discussion forum and comment on at least five different threads.


4) If you're not going to the game, find someone to throw a football with before kickoff.


3) If you don't have someone to throw with, go downtown to the restaurant with the best burgers.  Order a Coke and a burger and plop down in the seat with the best viewing angle at the table in front of the best HDTV in the house.


2) Another idea if you're not going to the game—go to the stadium with some friends and tailgate before the game.  Bring a bunch of portable TVs to watch the game on while you tailgate.


1) If you are going to the game, remember the best game you ever went to and hope that this game turns out to be just as good.