Nebraska's Rex Burkhead Nation's New Leader in Passing Efficiency

Ross BenesContributor IINovember 26, 2010

Most Efficient Passer Ever
Most Efficient Passer EverEric Francis/Getty Images

In Friday’s game against Colorado, Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead proved that he should have been invited to the Home Deport College Football Awards show on December 9th

It wasn’t Burkhead’s 101 yards rushing Friday that showed he belongs amongst the college football elite.  It was what he did threw the air that made the awards committee rethink some of their finalists for the Davey O'Brien Award.

For those of you who didn't watch Nebraska and Colorado play Friday, Burkhead threw the ball all over Colorado's vaunted defense.  He looked like a real Dave Humm out there.  After it was all said and done, Burkhead threw two passes for two completions with two touchdowns and no interceptions.  West coast offense WHAT?

Here's a question for all of you:

Who has the highest passer rating in college football? 

Cam Newton?  Kellen Moore?  Andrew Luck?  The answer is none of the above and, if you guessed any of the three names above, then you need to go back and rewatch Friday's game.  In doing so the answer will hit you like a misplaced flag after a roughing the passer call. It's Rex Burkhead of course!

Burkhead has a passer rating of 556.  That's almost 400 points higher than Kellen Moore's rating of 188.8, which ranks second nationally.  Both Burkhead and Moore are on pace to break Colt Brennan's single season passer rating record of 186.  The difference, however, is that Moore will merely surpass the record, while Burkhead on the other hand will shatter the record like Walker Texas Ranger shatters bad guys' faces in slow motion.  Don't think I meant Chuck Norris, because contrary to popular belief Norris and Walker are two different people, not to mention Walker is much cooler.  In defense of Norris, he does wear a Burkhead jersey as pajamas.

Nebraska has two more games for Burkhead to add on to his incredible season throwing the ball.  If he keeps pace of where he's at, he will end up having one of the most prolific passing seasons in NCAA history (especially among non-quarterbacks).  When Taylor Martinez missed Friday's game due to an ankle injury, no one could have predicted that Nebraska had the most efficient passer in the history of college football disguised as a backup running back.  Talk about a secret weapon.