WWE: Shawn Michaels Is the First Inductee Into the Hall of Fame's 2011 Class

John BetschelCorrespondent IIApril 9, 2017

The Show Stopper, The Main Event, Mr. Wrestlemania, all these things descrbe one man, and one man only. That's The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

The WWE dropped a major bomb on Raw with inducting HBK into the WWE Hall Of Fame, and added to it with Michaels actually being there. I didn't expect either of those two things.

Also a lot of people were thinking that Shawn Michaels was going to come back and wrestle again, but with this Hall Of Fame induction I don't really see it happening.

They are announcing inductees much earliar this year then before, they usually wait until after the Elimination Chamber before they start announcing Hall Of Fame inductees.

But if anyone deserves it, Michaels does, he has had a story book career and has put on some of the greatest matches in WWE and Wrestlemania history.

The Iron Man match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII, the match against Stone Cold at Wrestlemania XIV, and of course the two matches against The Undertaker at the past two Wrestlemanias.

He was in the first Ladder match, the first Hell In A Cell, the first Elimination Chamber. He was the first ever grand slam champion, meanining he had won every belt the WWE had to offer. His list of accomplishments go on.

Shawn Michaels has had a very contreversial career as well, creating one of the greatest stables ever D-Generation X, and also being apart of the whole Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series. Also being the first and only Wrestler to pose for Playgirl.

Shawn Michaels has done it all, one thing they didn't announce though is who will induct Michaels into the Hall Of Fame, it's more than likely going to be HHH, which could explain why they didn't announce it since they are still trying to sell Shaemus "ending" his career.

I was anxious to hear what Michaels had to say, but Alberto Del Rio came out and said that he was going to win the Royal Rumble, then go on to Wrestlemania and win either the World Title or WWE Title, and he would become the new Mr. Wrestlemania.

Then Michaels hit him with a little Sweet Chin Music, before taking his scarf and leaving the ring without saying a word.

It will be interesting to see who the next inductee is in the Hall Of Fame but until then congratulations to Shawn Michaels, he definetly deserves it.