Roberto's DVD Review: Issue 1: The Best of WWE Raw 15th Anniversary: PART 1

Nick RobertoCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

I checked with a administrator, or whatever the hell they're called here, and was given the greenlight on writing Pro Wrestling DVD reviews. I'm not going to write like and have short, biased reviews and opinions. I'm writing these for a few reasons. One, of course, being to show people what to expect out of a DVD before purchasing it. Two because WWE's DVD quality varies, and you can never really tell what your getting until you  watch it. Sometimes, you'll get a DVD that is well put together, tells a Superstar's story very well, tons of interviews, behind the scenes etc. And you can tell a lot of effort was put into it such as the latest Shawn Michaels: Heartbreak & Triumph DVD. Then, you'll get something like the latest Triple H DVD which seems it was thrown together in an hour. Random matches were picked, with hardly ANY background to it, just a two-minute explanation interview with HHH between them. It was put out just to make the WWE some extra cash and because Vince McMahon himself once again denied the creation of a Macho Man Randy Savage DVD, so something had to fill its place. 

I have an extensive Wrestling DVD, or i should say video, collection dating back to 1997. But there is no point of reviewing a random video from 1998 like a WCW Superstar Series on DDP, because #1) It's irrelevant. The wrestlers, characters, older stuff is just outdated. #2) Wrestling DVDs hang on the shelves for a few months, and are taking away for good, unlike your favorite theatrical movies and video games, which hang around for years. Finally, #3) Like i said it's hard to know what "quality of DVD your getting", a thrown together junk set or an actual well-coordinated DVD, so I'll save you the trip and the money.


                                    WWE PRESENTS: THE BEST OF WWE RAW 15TH
                                        ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (1993-2008)

INTRO: For fifteen years, fans have looked forward to over-the-top sports entertainment every Monday night, and WWE Raw has always delivered. The longest-running original entertainment show in television history, with more than 700 episodes, has had its share of wild and unforgettable moments, and this 3-disc DVD set shares those moments with fans of all ages. Get ready for sports entertainment history.

DISC 1 (1993-1997):
Awesome disc, simply because for three hours it brings you back to the pre-attitude, pre-scratch logo days. Which is something you rarely see anymore. On January 11, 1993 WWE Raw was born and it changed the wrestling business forever, launching it into a global phenomenon instantly. From its early beginnings in the Manhattan Center through the dawning of the attitude era, fans knew they were in for a whole new brand of entertainment. You immediately notice the difference between today and 15 years ago. The small arena reminds you of an old ECW or even TNA's ImPact Zone. If you want to be brought back to events that will have you saying "I completely forgot about that!" or if you have an older friend or relative who used to be a wrestling fan, than this is the disc for you. You'll see classics that most likely will never be put out again. Back then, the styles of wrestling was different then the last ten years have been. They were much more technically sound and more of a shoot style than the brawling we're used to today. Although storylines have almost always been around, the depths they went to were much different than today. Of course there were feuds brewing, but 99% of them were fought in the ring or on the mic. Rarely any backstage segments, parking lot fights etc. This disc focuses alot on Shawn Michaels, who graces the cover, and rightfully so. Many argue that HBK carried the WWE on his back in the early-mid nineties, as he is all over the place during these 5 years. As the years progress, you see more edgier characters, the mic work becomes more grown-up and real. You can actually see the Golden Age that was the Attitude Era being born.
Full Matches Include:
Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair, Bret Hart vs 123 Kid, Mankind vs Undertaker, Razor Ramon vs 123 Kid, Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty, Owen Hart vs British Bulldog and Michaels vs Owen.
Great Disc: ***-- Star Rating