Les Miles And The Top 10 Dumbest Smart Guys in Sports

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2010

Les Miles And The Top 10 Dumbest Smart Guys in Sports

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    Les Miles is widely viewed as one of the luckiest coach of all time. Sometimes what can initially be perceived as a poor decision on the field, could then turn out to become a smart move with a little bit of luck.

    There are just people in sports that show a whole lot of talent and ability but at times do some pretty dumb things.

    Miles isn't the only one out there. There's plenty more.

    Here are some sports figures who have been brilliant at times but painfully stupid

10. Ben Roethlisberger

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has been the driving force behind two Super Bowl championships.


    Dumb moves

    He may be a success as a football player but he's been pretty stupid off the field. He's been injured falling off of a motorcycle while riding without a helmet. Plus he's found himself on the wrong side of not one, but two sexual assault charges.

9. Josh McDaniels

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    McDaniels gets a lot of love for being a key part of Bill Belichick's coaching staff with the New England Patriots. 

    He became the youngest head coach in the NFL when he was hired by Denver. 


    Dumb moves

    But so far he's done very little as coach for the Broncos and has an overall 11-14 record.  Plus, he traded away breakout star of 2010 Peyton Hillis for third stringer Brady Quinn.

8. LeBron James

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    LeBron is a rare kind of athlete that doesn't come along very often. The guy is a smart and savvy basketball player that has the potential to influence the game with his passing ability and athleticism.


    Dumb moves

    Leaving Cleveland, "The Decision."

7. David Stern

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    He's a smart man with a law degree from Columbia and has been the commissioner of the NBA since 1984. Despite all of the league's success, some of Stern's decisions during his tenure have not been received well by players and fans.


    Dumb moves

    Signing off on new microfiber basketball what was trashed after half a season; endorsing a new and stricter technical foul rule; and the Tim Donaghy scandal.

6. Andy Reid

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    They call him the fat genius. He may be smart but there's plenty of hunger in that great football mind.


    Dumb moves 

    This Philadelphia Eagles coach treats his timeouts out like jelly filled donuts. He devours them and before you know it, it's all gone and there's nothing left.

5. Michael Jordan

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    The man was a genius on the basketball court and will go down as the best basketball player in history.  He led the Bulls to six NBA titles and became one of the most recognized and marketable athletes ever.


    Dumb Moves

    Playing for the Washington Wizards; his Hall of Fame speech to his sons, “I wouldn’t want to be you guys;” two more words: Kwame Brown.

4. Bud Selig

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    Before being named commissioner of major league baseball, Selig earned a reputation as a very successful business owner in the Milwaukee area. 

    He later went on to become an owner of the Milwaukee Brewers and became a very accomplished baseball executive.


    Dumb move

    With all of that business knowledge and front office experience, he didn't have enough common sense to realize that players in his league were juicing up on steroids.

3. Isaiah Thomas

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    He was a two-time NBA champion and a star guard for the Detroit Pistons. But off the basketball court and in the front office or sitting on the bench, he has proven to be a big failure.


    Dumb moves

    Pulling the trigger on the Eddy Curry trade and signing off on his monster contract.  Trading for Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury, while also signing several high-prized underachievers from the free agent pool.

2. Tiger Woods

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    He was a golf genius and quite possibly the best player the sport has ever seen.

    Even as a two-year old, he was already featured putting on television.


    Dumb moves

    He thought he was invincible. There were too many mistresses to keep track.

1. Les Miles

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    When you think Les Miles, you have to use the word idiot savant to describe him.

    He's the kind of guy that you cast off as an idiot for calling a dumb play but immediately call him a genius once the play turns out well.

    But he's also overseen a national championships with LSU in 2007.


    Dumb moves

    Several, but here's one of the latest—playing Florida at the Swamp this season, he called a fake field goal down by three against the Florida Gators that looked horrible when his holder threw a blind pitch to the ground but a lucky bounce went Miles' way when the ball landed in the hand of his kicker, who ran for a first down.  The Tigers ultimately won the game with a touchdown with six seconds left to play.