Heilman A Mets Fan Disaster

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

Aaron heilman a Mets fan disaster


I can’t remember the last time a player crippled the Mets as much as heilman.

The Mets have had terrible teams especially in the 90’s but a lot of those teams were not winners. This team is and heilman is costing them. Last night was another example of that heilman started the ninth inning off with a walk. (On a side note, I love the job Emanuel has done with the Mets, but when is he going to learn you don’t put heilman in a game ever.)

Back to the story. Heilman leads the ninth of with a walk, the runner (Hanley Ramirez) was moved over to second on a sacrifice bunt by Alfredo amezaga, then Ramirez moved over to third on a sacrifice wild pitch thrown by Aaron heilman.

Then heilman intentionally walked Cantu and Jacobs then Willingham to win the game.

Check out this box score folks: 0.1 innings pitched 1 run, 1 earned run, 4 walks, and 17 balls-6 strikes!


This is what heilman said after the game: "You try to put yourself in a situation that's going to give you the best opportunity to keep the game tied," Heilman said. "You load the bases and hopefully get a ground ball and give your infielders a chance to (throw) home and maybe turn two (double play).


You load the bases?  You load the bases? How about making quality pitches so you don’t have to depend on a double play to help you get out of the inning, oh wait I forgot you also can throw home! 

Don’t get me wrong Cantu  is having a good year at .277 batting avg but he is not Tony Gwynn and mike Jacobs is batting .238 and unless it’s a fastball he is going to probably get out. I understand pitching around Ramirez because he has a good bat and great stealing ability but you walked him anyway so that threat was ready to go if need be.


Attention Mets: if you want to win this division please watch the same games your fans are watching and don’t put heilman in the game when it’s tied or it’s a close game he’s probably going to blow it. The Mets are a tough team always bouncing back from tough losses but how many times can they do this, the bullpen has blown over 20 games this year for us.