Ideas on Getting Fantasy Football Information on Your Mobile Phone

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Ideas on Getting Fantasy Football Information on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Fantasy Football

Today I just wanted to take a second to tell you about a few handy resources that you can use to get NFL and fantasy football information via your mobile phone.

These resources are great for you to have for times like waiting in line. Now instead of just standing there dwelling on all of the inefficiencies of day to day life, you can just pop up your reader and find out the latest injury reports or waiver wire pick-ups.

Also, this stuff will help you stay up to date when can’t be strapped to the TV or computer all day every Sunday. Check it.


If you want mobile access to fantasy football news you could also do what I do and use some free Google stuff. You could subscribe via a Google reader to access all your favorite feeds and/or set up a Gmail account with Google alerts to then get access on your phone via Google mobile apps.

If I remember right, Google makes it fairly simple to get your phone up and running. But, setting up a reader and a Gmail account with alerts are a both little trickier. Here are a few videos that will help you set up your own fantasy football news center quickly and easily.

Not sure if you knew this BUT, you can get the Goat on your mobile phone. Just go to and bookmark it.

Sprint NFL Mobile Live

Sprint has something they call NFL Mobile Live. I haven’t played with it much yet but here is one video demonstrating NFL Mobile Live and another video explaining the features. In a nutshell they have live broadcasts of every game, realtime redzone alerts, live NFL network 24/7 and a bunch more.

All in all I am already addicted to getting fantasy info vie my mobile and before long I bet you will be too.

NFL and fantasy news anytime and any place… you gotta love it.

Remember to hang out with us this year because, in case you didn’t know, subscribing to the Goat is at the all time low price of free. You can subscribe to The Fantasy Football Goat by email and have this stuff in your inbox seconds after I post it or you can subscribe in your feed reader or on your home page. Either way you get the info fast and easy. Don’t understand this whole subscribing thing? Check out this short video on RSS and this video series I put together to get ALL of your fantasy football news lighting fast. Isn’t technology great?

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