Dallas Cowboys: Receiver Short of Super Bowl?

James GrahamCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2008

It's that time again. That sweet smell of the grill being fired up on a Sunday afternoon and that pigskin being tossed around from late August till at least February for two teams.

For the Dallas Cowboys though it's looking good all across the board as far as the team's health is concerned except the fact that Kyle Kosier out till October, Anthony Spencer and Kevin Burnett side lined as well.

The biggest hit is of course the receiver department with first speedster Miles Austin going down with a knee, Isaiah Stanback with a shoulder and now Sam Hurd with an ankle injury. Saturday were roster cuts for the Cowboys to get to the 53 man roster and only Patrick Crayton and Terrell Owens the only healthy receivers on the roster at this point, that's a noodle scratcher for me.

They cut Danny Amendola and Mike Jefferson cut why not keep one. No need for seven corner backs and surely the Cowboys didn't need to keep 11 offensive lineman either.

Now the Cowboys are thinking about moving Jason Witten in the slot like the Colts do with Dallas Clark and I'm sorry I don't buy that one bit. Martellus Bennett and Tony Curtis can not fill the role of the pass catcher and blocker that Witten is.

Bennett has promise but is a rookie and has not really had any reps in the pre-season with the first teamers and Tony Curtis had three catches all for touchdowns last year.

Not only that but they want to do to Felix Jones what the Saints do to Reggie Bush which is put him in the slot, run some trick plays and what not and that all sounds like a good idea but it seems like desperation right now. Wait until the rest of the receivers come back healthy.

The Cowboys receivers were in question with just Terrell Owens the only one really that is proving talent. Crayton is good but a No. 2 receiver? He seems better fit in the slot as a No. 3 to me. Austin was the speed and Hurd was due for a breakout season but now they both are in question.

Here is something the Cowboys should consider. Joe Horn is a veteran and can really help the Cowboys as a No. 2. If they are really desperate Ashley Lelie is an option after being cut. Why not try and trade for a Roy Williams like they should have in the off-season or an Anquan Boldin as well. Williams would be a better fit for the Cowboys and would be a great compliment to T.O.

Danny Amendola was cut and is compared to a Wes Welker with his size, punt return ability and also how Welker is a better slot receiver as well. Yes Amendola is only a rookie but he has the most upside and the Cowboys just release him, makes no sense to me to only have two healthy receivers to start the season.

The road to Tampa Bay in February looks real good for the Cowboys but with only two receiver healthy its going to be hard to be a pass happy team.

Yes they can control the ball and manage a game but the passing game is a big part of the Cowboys especially last season with Tony Romo setting all the records that he did. Hopefully they can get Amendola and at least Hurd and Austin back healthy by the fourth game.

If not the Cowboys are another receiver injury away from a division and N.F.C. title to a possible wild card birth. Jerry Jones needs to go to the bank one more time and trade for a big name receiver.