Best Offense In College Football?

Lew WrightSenior Writer IAugust 30, 2008

A full slate of college football Saturday games is in the books.  In the tradition of college football, it was a grand day for fans.

Every game began a new season of high hopes for every football player suiting up and running on to the field through a human tunnel of cheerleaders, marching bands and mascots.

Every game ended with half of the fans waving a single finger salute in tribute to the claim that their team is number one.  The other half wandered about where they parked their cars and how things would have been different were it not for that one play in the second quarter.  That's when the game turned.  Yeah.  Definitely second quarter.

It was amazing to hear how many different announcing teams offered the same revelation, "This (fill in the blank) probably has the best offense in the country."  I'm not kidding.  USC has the best offense in the country.  Missouri has the best offense in the country.  Ohio State had the best offense in the country before Chris Wells went down with a foot injury.  Oh yeah,  even without Coach Rodriguez, West Virginia has the best offense in the country.  You need to hear more?

The best prediction of the day has to go to Lee Corso who picked Washington State to upset Oklahoma state.  Reason?  The Cougs are very tough to beat at Martin Stadium in Pullman, WA. 


Sorry Coach Corso, but the "home" game for WSU was played in Seattle.  Maybe that's why the Cougs were pushed around in the second half and easily defeated by the Cowboys.  Did I mention that the Cowboys have one of the best offensive teams in the country?

Despite thousands of dollars invested in marching bands, don't recall seeing one second of a halftime showdon't know if anyone missed that.  Heck, I don't know if anyone other than the parents of kids playing in a marching band even cares.

And was I a victim of remote control abuse, or were there fewer shots of cheerleaders today?

How about your College Pick 'Em results?

Staying with the "pick 'em" concept, fans who weren't at a game but had remote controls, were treated to some close games, some predictable games and some blowouts.

All of it was great stuff.  Well, almost all of it. 

For those of us who are Cougs, things didn't get off to the start we hoped for.  The debut for Washington State Head Coach Paul Wulff ended in a loss to a decent Oklahoma State team.  Coach Wulff had his team playing tough for three quarters. 

Perhaps the biggest upset of the day might have been the WSU/OSU game.  It figured to be a shootout between two schools loaded with offensive talent.  Deep into the third quarter the score was 18-6.  Yes, the WSU kicker missed his first PAT attempt of the season.  Oh my.

Both WSU and OSU showed plenty of moxy on defense.  Despite the no huddle offense employed by both schools, the defenses dominated for almost a full three quarters.  When the fourth quarter rolled around, fatigue caught up with the Cougars. 

All in all, it was a good start for college football though.

This just in.  Arizona has the best offense in the country based on putting up 70 points on the Idaho Vandals.  Yikes!

Best of all, there's much more college football to come.