ESPN Sensationalist Commentary Calls for Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini's Head

Ross BenesContributor IINovember 23, 2010

Bo Pelini wondering why everyone is making such a big deal about yelling at referees
Bo Pelini wondering why everyone is making such a big deal about yelling at refereesOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Bo Pelini was seen yelling at Taylor Martinez and referees during Saturday's game at College Station.  According to ESPN, this is enough to warrant a potential firing (and an apparent smacking if you listen to Desmond Howard).  And people say blog sites (like this one) are sensationalistic.

We have become such a politically correct culture that putting your finger in someone's face has become scandalous.  As I mentioned earlier, Desmond Howard believes Pelini should get smacked.  Apparently Howard never had a coach get in his face while at Michigan, which could explain his lack of discipline as a commentator. 

This is big-time college football, not middle school shenanigans.  There are big-time stakes on the line and when someone doesn't meet what the coaches expect, he's going to get grilled from time to time.... Get over it.

Now Pelini may have overdone chewing out Martinez on the field like he did, but the fact is that players get yelled at like this all the time.  Believe it not, what you saw happen to Martinez in those nice tight ABC camera shots happens to players across the country every day. 

The only difference here is that it happened on the sidelines instead of in the locker room, and for some reason this is just too much truth for most people to bear.  (Just like the Milgram and the Stanford Prison studies were too much truth for people to bear).

ESPN shows clip after clip of Pelini yelling at the refs.  What they don't show are the calls that caused him to react the way he did (nor do they tell you that the same referee crew from Saturday's game was the same crew from the Texas and Iowa State games and in those three games Nebraska had 36 penalties and the opponents had nine without any defensive penalties). 

If ESPN spent as much time showing the atrocious penalties that ended up deciding the game as they do calling for Pelini's job, then maybe people who didn't watch the game Saturday would know why Pelini reacted the way he did.

The coverage that is being shown is a distraction.  Once people's minds get off of the controversial calls and onto Pelini, then everything Pelini did thereafter is unjustified and making calls for his job seem relevant (not to mention it boosts ratings as well). 

Now that A&M has that nice five-game winning streak going for them, more people will tune into Thursday's game.  ESPN/ABC wouldn't want to take anything away from that, now would they PTI?