WWE Unforgiven Scramble: Utter Destruction or a Walk in the Park?

steve ryanContributor IAugust 30, 2008

On September 7, Ohio will never be the same again after Mike Adamle's giant announcement of the WWE scramble to be held at WWE Unforgiven. Each brand will have their own scramble. The first scramble to be made was the RAW scramble, consisting of CM Punk, Kane, JBL, Batista, and Rey Mysterio, filling in for John Cena.

This scramble could have more swithcing hands of the title than Hardcore had at Wrestlemania 2000. All of the participants in this scramble were former champions in their time, so odds are that the title will switch hands maybe even more than once.

The man with the highest percentage of holding the title would be Batista because of his three-time reign as WHC. JBL might have a chance of grabbing it because of his desire to be champion again. Kane might not have a big shot becasue of his fued with Mysterio and Batista, so he might not get the title at all. And CM punk could possibly hold the title too, proving he's not a second rate champion.

The second scramble is the Smackdown one consisting of Triple H, MVP, Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, and Brian Kendrick—but not any Brian Kendrick, The Brian Kendrick.

Well, Triple H thought it was funny, and so did I, that this 12-time champion is facing no former champions. About 90% of winning is going to Triple H because of his skills and determination. Five percent would have to go to MVP or Jeff Hardy because they're fighting as it is, and they're both pretty damn tough in wrestling.

Shelton Benjamin has a bad chance to win because Triple H will be all over him because they hate each other anyways, or Shelton would be on Hardy because of their feud from Summerslam. And The Brian Kendrick? Don't make me laugh. The only way he could get the title is if Zek helps him out.

The final scramble is the ECW scramble, consisting of Mark Henry, Finlay, The Mizz, Matt Hardy, and Chavo. I'd definitely have to say that Mark Henry would be the top dog here because of his size and power above all the others.

My second guess would be Finlay because of his veteran skills and his way to always use that shillelagh.

My next guess would be Chavo because of his former championship reign, so that might come in handy.

Then Matt Hardy would be the next, because of his fued with Mark Henry, so he might have a chance.

Then there's the Mizz, and he's the same as Brian Kendrick. The Mizz might get help from Jon Morrison.

In end terms, is it really worth it or is it going to be a big joke, just like TNA? We'll all have to wait and see on September 7.