Crystal Ball: 50 Fearless College and NFL football predictions

Todd Morse@@TheRiddleClassAnalyst IAugust 30, 2008

1. Florida State will not make a Bowl Game, and Bobby Bowden will retire after FSU plummets further into ACC irrelevancy, showing that the standoff between himself and Joe Pa can end before one of them dies.

2. Joe Paterno will not retire, then will die in March.

3. Brett Favre’s consecutive game streak will end.

4. This is the year the MAC makes its move into the big time.  However you define big time. 

5. Tom Brady will impregnate another model.

6. The single biggest acquisition in college football will prove to be Ron English, formerly the  defensive coordinator of Michigan, moving to Louisville.  English, along with incredibly accomplished special teams coordinator Mark Nelson, will allow second year Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe to focus on offense, his specialty. 

And English brings an very steady hand and the Michigan toughness to the young Cardinals.  Louisville’s first half schedule is a walk in the park compared to their second half schedule, which is full of ranked in-conference teams.

If English can get the defense together, look for them to surprise in the Big East and the 11/22 match up against West Virginia to loom a lot bigger than it looks today. 

7. The best QB in the NFL this season will be David Garrard.

8. The QB with the best stats this season will be Jon Kitna.

9. Peyton Manning’s consecutive game streak will end.

10. Notre Dame wins five: San Diego St. and two out of three from: Stanford/UNC/Washington, Navy, Syracuse.

11. Speaking of UNC, I like them a lot.  Overall, the ACC is down and their schedule is a bunch o’ cream puffs, including the aforementioned Fightin’ Irish.

12. Yeah, everyone loves Texas Tech, and that’s fine, but Texas is Texas in the same way Duke is Duke.  Mack Brown brings his Longhorns to play, and everyone but maybe Oklahoma are a bunch of chokers. 

13. Speaking of Oklahoma, Sam Bradford is the real deal.

14. Three overrated NFL teams: New Orleans, Minnesota, San Diego.

15. Three underrated NFL teams: Kansas City, Philadelphia, Detroit.

16. Love Mark Richt, and Georgia will have a head of steam heading into Baton Rouge.  Don’t believe the hype—Matt Stafford is a bad player.  Then will lose three of four, LSU, Florida then at Auburn two weeks later. 

17. Speaking of hype, Les Miles is the real deal.  LSU is going to be good. Scary good.

18. So is Rich Rodriguez. Michigan will be better than expected.  Luckily, not much is expected, so wins will suffice.

19. AFC seven East finish: New England, Buffalo, Jets, Miami.

20. AFC North finish: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincy, Cleveland.

21. AFC South: Jax, Houston, Tennessee, Indy (believe it!).

22. AFC West: KC, Denvah, SD, Oakland.

23. Best freshmen:  Julio Jones, Alabama—Yeah, I saw the youtube.  If you haven’t seen it, find it.  Dude’s a freak.  Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State—Todd Boeckman should have left for the NFL. 

24. This is Pete Carroll’s last season at USC.  He has flirted with the NFL a few times, and its time now…San Francisco will call.

25. Anthony Gonzalez will have more catches than Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne. 

26. Adrian Peterson the Viking will finish outside the top 15 in rushing.

27. The Rams will be respectable again. Happy Day.

28. A healthy Donovan McNabb means the Eagles run away with the NFC East and Brian Westbrook wins the NFL MVP.

29. NFC East finish: Philly, Washington, Dallas, Giants.

30. NFC North Finish: Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago.

31. NFC South Finish: Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa, Atlanta.

32. NFC West Finish: Seattle, St. Louis, Arizona, San Francisco.

33. As a Bills fan, I have to tell fans of Colorado State that we all think losing Steve Fairchild was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to the Bills. 

34. Ty Willingham, Charlie Weis, Greg Robinson, Dave Wannstedt and a bunch of other guys will lose their jobs this year.  Weis will go back to the NFL where he belongs.

35. Heisman Top 10: Chris Wells, Sam Bradford, Pat White, Tim Tebow, James Laurinaitis, Dan LeFevour, George Selvie, Rudy Carpenter, Jeremy Maclin, Chase Daniel.

36. Rose Bowl: Wisconsin v. Cal.

37. Sugar Bowl: Fresno State v. Florida.

38. Fiesta Bowl: Texas v. West Virginia.

39. Orange Bowl: Clemson v. Missouri.

40. Clemson, Texas, Florida, Louisville, Ohio State, Arizona State, Fresno State.

41. AFC Wildcard teams: Denver, Buffalo.

42. NFC Wildcard teams: Washington, New Orleans.

43. BCS Championship Game: Ohio State v. LSU (I know, it gets boring).

44. New England will not enter their bye week with a winning record. 

45. First head coach to be canned?  Mike Nolan.

46. Mario Williams will have more sacks than Reggie Bush will have touchdowns.

47. AFC Final Four:  NE, Pitt, Jax, Buffalo (I KNOW!).

48. NFC Final Four:  Philly, Detroit, New Orleans, Washington.

49. AFC Championship: Pitt—Jax.

50. NFC Championship: Philly—New Orleans.

Bonus Material:

51. Super Bowl: Jax – Philly

52. Heisman winner: Pat White

53. NFL MVP: Brian Westbrook

54. NFL ROY: Rashard Mendenhall

55. BCS Champion: Ohio State

56. Super Bowl Champion: Jacksonville Jaguars—yes, not even Jack Del Rio can screw it up this time.