Total Action Wrestling Star "Bacardi": Talks WWE TNA And Indy Promotions

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer INovember 23, 2010

The wide spectrum of Pro Wrestling is dictated by the likes of WWE and TNA. While these companies provide the best value in entertainment, they cease to showcase the best wrestling the present day world has to offer.

Companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, SHIMMER and more so, Total Action Wrestling (TAW) which offer great in-ring work are not given the spotlight they deserve.

While the majority of the IWC (including myself) is guilty of bemoaning the current product followed by the lack of focus on actual in ring wrestling, many of us do find solace in watching the product which the Independent Circuit has to offer.

While I am not a regular spectator of the Independent Wrestling Promotions, I do (courtesy of Youtube) watch matches from time to time and I feel that these promotions are worthy of a wider audience.
Seeing as the Internet Wrestling Community is the “Vocal-Minority” (Notice the part about being VOCAL) we are the best audience to voice our opinions for or against the product.

So I, a responsible member of the IWC take it upon myself to help promote the many talented companies unheard of, which in some corners of the world, continue to produce a quality product regardless of the audience they receive at their events.

However I am no analyst of the Independent Circuit and neither am I following it to the extent where I can break down feuds, analyze matches, etc but I to wanted to do something and I wanted to do it “Iam D Real Deal yo” style, i.e. no-holds barred.

So, I contacted Total Action Wrestling Brand’s Wrestler "Bacardi" (via her twitter) and asked her if she would be interested in a tête-à-tête and fortunately she obliged.

So here is my interview with Bacardi:-

DRD: “Miss Bacardi, you are currently wrestling for “Total Action Wrestling” based in the UK . Could you give us a brief, but in depth look into your promotion, its inception, dealings, workings and business model?”

Bacardi: “TAW is what I currently consider my “home” promotion. It is full of top quality matches and wrestlers, and they run mainly in the Luton area. It has recently changed it’s name to TAW from ACW, and we are still going strong, pulling in loyal and new crowds for every show. You can check them out at ”

DRD: “You are really talented women wrestler and we have a handful of women who can put on matches worth seeing as they have the ability to tell a story in a match. With that said, the focus is still on the men of wrestling! What do you think is the reason for this? Do the promotions not give them the spotlight they deserve or have the people underrated the division? Would you say that sexism is existent in Pro Wrestling?”

Bacardi: “Firstly, thank you for calling me talented. I always appreciate being told someone likes what I do.

Wrestling is a very male dominated sport, always has been, and I think it always will be. Partly, this is to do with the way women are perceived in society. We are seen by most men as the lesser sex, and this spills out into the world of wrestling. Most men would rather watch two women wrestle for their own thrills rather than the talent. Many promotions I work for treat us women no differently than the men, we are there as performers, not as eye candy. Of course there are many promoters who will only book women because of the way they look and not the way they wrestle, and this is not helping to improve the image we have as female wrestlers.”

DRD: “Bacardi ,The Independent Wrestling Promotions are home to some of the most talented crop of wrestlers. Daniel Bryan is one wrestler who is already making waves in the WWE, however a handful of people are of the belief that he does not have the “tank” like look to make it to top! Do you think he can make it to the top in the WWE ?"

Bacardi: “I have to be honest and say no, not because of his wrestling style or talent, but because of the way WWE is run and how the superstars there are expected to look and behave. As an indy worker, he truly has what it takes, but in the WWE, I don’t think they will ever use him properly and to his full potential.”

DRD: Which are the latest house shows that your company will be showcasing? Which are some of the biggest clashes set to take place? Who covers the matches and house shows for you?”

Bacardi: “We have a show on November 27th (Saturday) in Dunstable, Luton . Rich N Famous will be defending his title in a 4 way match, and long time rivals Samson and “pretty boy” Brad Ford will be facing off in an ultimate showdown. There are plenty of other matches set to take place too.”

DRD: “It is a well known fact that both WWE and TNA are not at their performing best and their shows are stale and watered down. With that said, what do you think is the major reason for the downward spiral? Is the lack of focus on mature audience oriented programming to be blamed or is the lack of proper and meaningful storylines the reason?”

Bacardi: “Personally, I think TNA is the weaker of the two and I am not impressed by anything I see on the shows. WWE have done better in the past, but then they have also done much worse. I enjoy what I see on WWE at the moment, except for the whole Nexus thing, and the Anonymous GM!! I think the whole TV PG Rating for WWE now has caused a lot of change, but the main audience for WWE these days are those in the PG audience. They have done their research, and they change with the times, it is the only way to go forward. Those who stick in the past will never be there in the future.”

DRD: “Which are some of the most talented wrestlers that you have worked with? Are there any talented women wrestlers which you dream of facing one day and why?”

Bacardi: “I worked with Lufisto last year in Germany , and I was amazed with the talent she had, and her tag partner, Wesna was also just as talented. It was hard work, and yet a pleasure, to have a match with those two girls, and I also saw a great amount of talent in my team mate in that match, Carmel . In the UK , Mia is a regular opponent of mine, and I am very impressed with how she works. She is very skilled at different styles and always gives me an awesome match.

I would love to work with Lita one day, but this will probably never happen. I grew up watching her and would love to have a match with her one day. Failing that, I would love to work with Gail Kim, she has some amazing talent.”

DRD: “Even with the Soap Opera-esque programming, the top wrestling promotions are managing to get the maximum viewership whereas the independent promotions which are the home to the best wrestling action on offer don’t manage to pull the same sort of crowds. Do you think that the love for the art of Pro Wrestling is forgotten or are they just marketed better?”

Bacardi: “I think the top promotions offer so much more than just wrestling. It tells a proper story, shows many different ways of working, and keeps you entertained all at the same time. It is marketed so brilliantly, for a totally eclectic mix of people. It is not an easy job to do, but the WWE do it so well. Most types of fans and viewers are covered by what they provide, and they have been going for so long now, they must be doing something right!”

DRD: “Every wrestler who joins the world of pro wrestling joins because they have fallen in love with a certain aspect of it. How were you drawn to it and what made you pursue a career as a wrestler? Did you have any idols growing up whom you loved to watch wrestle?”

Bacardi: “I fell in love with wrestling as a whole. I was always a performer growing up, dancing and theatre etc, yet I was awful at most sports. I felt like this was something I could do, and when I tried it, I loved it and eight years later I am still going strong. It wasn’t until I started wrestling that I realised just how much I wanted to be a wrestler. I thought about it a lot when I was younger, but never realised just how much you can fall in love with the sport. I used to watch the Hardy Boyz and Lita a lot as a kid, as that is the era I grew up in. I also used to watch the original DX, but never got into them as much as others seemed to. The attitude era was the best, and is what really got me into WWE.”

DRD: “Do you,Bacardi, aspire to make it to the WWE one day or would you prefer continuing to wrestle in an environment which offers high quality wrestling matches on a daily basis?”

Bacardi: “I would love to be able to make it to the WWE, and if I make it there I will be the happiest person alive. I will continue to wrestle whether I make it there or not, but it is always good to have something to aim for, and that is my goal. May have to have a boob job first though lol!"

DRD: “What is with the wrestlers moving base from the Independent Circuits to the top wrestling promotions? Do they all aspire to make it the top companies or are the companies good at manipulating them by offering a good looking pay cheque”

Bacardi: “I can not speak for others, but the ones I have worked with who have made it to WWE always wanted to be the ones on top for the love of the game, and now they are there, they love it still. Hell I would work for WWE for free, I do this for the love of the game, not for the pay checks. If they want to pay me for doing something I love to do, then go for it. Some people are in this for the money, but I will tell you something now, until you make it to WWE, there is not a lot of money in being a professional wrestler”

With that we come to the end of an interesting interview with Bacardi! I would like to thank her on behalf of Bleacher Report and all my fellow IWC members for taking time out from her busy schedule to share her thoughts on the constantly brought up questions.

I request you to follow:

 Bacardi on Twitter

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So that we can help the company reach the majority!

I am sure that her experienced and first hand Insight will help put to rest many regularly debated topics.
That is the best I can do to cover the Independent Circuit and while many things can be done, I for one am proud that I did something. I request all my fellow members to further help promote these companies as they are the best form of wrestling left and they need to live through the current era dictated by WWE and TNA.

I would like to thank my fellow writer and Pro Wrestling Featured Columnist: Steven Coney for the help with the proper structuring of this piece 

And Also would like to thank my fellow writer and a Quality Writer himself:  Mike AKA The Professor for helping me reach out and collaborate with Miss.Bacardi to get the job done!

Thanks for your time!

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