WWE: How Survivor Series 2010 Affected the Landscape of the Company

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 23, 2010

The Miz capturing his first World Championship, much deserved
The Miz capturing his first World Championship, much deserved

At Survivor Series 2010, we saw a lot of telling things come out. And last night on WWE RAW, things came to fruition big time. It seems like the WWE is changing, and it's for the better if you ask me.

Now, some may think this is kind of a late article seeing as Survivor Series was Sunday and today is Tuesday. But, I couldn't really tell how things were going to go until last night on RAW. I had an idea, but now it seems like I am pretty sure.

Here are the things that I feel are changing in the WWE and may be hard to argue with after seeing the WWE's programming for the past few weeks.

The WWE is now going to test the boundaries of TV-14 again. It's pretty obvious with how the last few RAW's have been and how the use of certain language which would have never of been allowed, were now, allowed.

We saw John Cena leave the WWE after being fired when he counted the pin over Wade Barrett for the WWE Title at Survivor Series and many thought he'd come out and give a nice farewell and that's just what happened.

But no one expected some of the things he'd say. Lets first off respect Cena for loving what people say about him, good or bad btw. I loved how he talked about how kids and women cheer and men over 18 boo him.

It's unwarranted for the boos much of the time, but that is for another article at another time.

When he said that he had words for Wade Barrett, in that "Carma is a bitch". Now, he mentioned before how he would be fined for this, and said he really didn't care now because he was fired anyway.

If this were not planned to be said, those words, "Carma is a bitch", wouldn't have been muted.

Now, May Young's "bitch" usage wasn't booed last week because many believe she wasn't supposed to say that and did anyway. Which was why it wasn't muted, where as Cena's was because it was planned.

No one can argue that Cena is THE top guy in the WWE today. Vince McMahon made him THE MAN because he felt he was the best person to lead the WWE into whatever facet they decided to go into.

This means that with his comments this past week, the WWE is leaning toward trying to be edgier nowadays. This doesn't mean they are totally abandoning PG programming at all. There is a ton the WWE can do now that they are totally PG, so, I highly doubt they are going to abandon it totally.

But, to say they aren't getting edgier in some ways would be stupid to say.

Whenever John Cena does something, you have to think about it. Consider what happened when he mentioned via twitter how Bryan Danielson's firing was unwarranted. It may not have been his personal feelings, but Cena may be the WWE mouthpiece if you will on how things will be going.

We also saw that the WWE is not quite sure about Nexus. Maybe not even sure about Barrett more than anyone else.

Many believed Wade Barrett would be WWE Champion by now. But, he hasn't reached that goal yet.

As the leader of The Nexus, the top faction in the WWE today(only faction now) Barrett needs to hold a title.

Think of this, 3 members of the current Nexus group have held a title, 2 do right now.

David Otunga won the WWE Tag Team Championships with then Nexus member John Cena. The next night Otunga had to lay down to give up the tag titles to Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

Barrett, the leader, doesn't have a title of any kind in his WWE career. Which means it's hard for him to look like the best of group.

We saw this been even more prevalent when he lost to Randy Orton last night.

Now it seems that Barrett is out of the World Title hunt and The Miz has taken his place.

Talk about the perfect build up for a character in the WWE. The Miz was used excellently, and every chance he was given, he used perfectly. He may be the best on the mic in the WWE today, I know that's debatable, but no one can argue that he is excellent on the mic.

His wrestling has much improved aswell, which is great to see.

He wasn't used like any other Money in the Bank winner either. He held secondary titles, worked through mid-card and main event level match ups and gradually was built up. He didn't get Jack Swagger or Sheamus treatment here, in that he was just given something and never really had the proper build up.

Unless you just hate Miz, you can't say he didn't deserve to hold the WWE Title. Because he simply did.

Now, you see The Miz as the top heel in the WWE and The Nexus' Wade Barrett is on the outside looking in on the World Title hunt.

You've already got the heel vs face with Miz and Orton because Orton does have a rematch. So at TLC, we'll see Miz/Orton and Barrett is out.

Now where does Nexus go?

Word has it that they will split in the WWE Draft, meaning they will have lasted around a year before they disbanded. I feel it's ok to keep them around long because it helps them. Some of the members wouldn't be great if they were alone. Some would easily work out, others? Not so much.

Also, members such as Slater and Gabriel now look better in most fans eyes because of how they were used in Nexus. It seemed that Gabriel was the number two guy behind Barrett and his 450 splash was the final nail in the coffin for all the Nexus attacks.

Those two could work out in singles or even if they stayed just a tag team together. After that, really Harris is pretty much out Double M needs a bit more developing and Otunga may not be too bad to keep on the main roster but needs a build up himself.

Now keeping Nexus aligned only helps the people in the faction, so I'd want it to stay together. And with the WWE going to more of a youth movement, they need this faction to work out. We've seen how factions can help out talent, take Randy Orton and Batista as examples, even Triple H.

Now we're seeing the youth movement come out more and more, but also we're seeing a change in the guard on top guys.

Like we saw last night, The Miz is now WWE Champion and John Cena is gone from the WWE for the time being. Meaning the top face in the WWE is Randy Orton.

With the lack of another top face, another has to step up. This means we'll either see a young guy be built up to be a top face to help out until Cena has a storyline comeback. Or we'll see the return of Triple H, who is now healthy enough to come back.

All in all, what we learned is this. The WWE wants to make more of an impression nowadays compared to before. The election crap is over and they can be a little more edgy. In 2011, I'm sure the WWE will be giving us must see TV, which is something we've been asking for.

But, lets not be stupid in what we ask. Like before, the WWE gives us what we want, yet some still have something to gripe about. Just take what you get, then I'm sure more will come to pass that you also want.