Hokies Can't Tackle The Pirates

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2008

Well, that's why they play the games.  I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong here.  East Carolina was clearly the best team on the field Saturday afternoon, offensively and defensively.  They basically matched the Hokies on special teams as well.

Virginia Tech had a hard time making tackles on the field today.  It was frustrating to see because every time they attempted to make a tackle they would be off to the side trying to use their arms.  You can't arm tackle at this level.  Just not going to happen, and when you don't make plays on defense it's tough to win.

The absence of Victor "Macho" Harris was felt today, but Stephan Virgil stepped up in a big way.  He was the best player on the field for Virginia Tech today, scoring a touchdown and returning a blocked extra point for a score.

Davon Morgan struggled often in passing situations, and allowed a lot of big plays.  It's expected that young players will struggle, and this is proof that Virginia Tech has a lot of growing and maturing to do.

Sean Glennon played poorly today, but it wasn't all his fault.  The two early interceptions do rest on his shoulders, but blocking late in the game went from good to bad, as ECU began blitzing multiple linebackers. 

The receivers often times ended up in the wrong place, and dropped a few passes.  However, the receiving corps wasn't horrible today.  A few plays were made, just not enough.

Although Virginia Tech played bad it was mostly due to the coaching job of Skip Holtz and his staff.  They were ready for this game, and they had their guys ready to go.  The Hokies made a lot of mistakes, but so did ECU.  Being able to overcome your mistakes is what turns good teams into great teams, and ECU was able to do that today.

Patrick Pinkney played a phenomenal game, shredding the defense for 211 yards and a touchdown.  He also had a rushing touchdown. 

Virginia Tech obviously has room to grow, and the coaching staff will be able to take this game and let their young players learn from their mistakes.  Hopefully the Hokies will be able to turn their season around in the coming weeks, and grow more as a team instead of individuals.