John Cena: From Hated Wrestler to Respected Entertainer

Iqbal SirajContributor IINovember 23, 2010

I am not going to lie, I was not the biggest John Cena fan. Like all the IWC, we were sick and tired of him being in every title picture, the fact he only has the same amount of moves as a Pokemon and that some of his somber promos used to get on our nerves!

Well, last night, I and most of the IWC saw the real Cena give the best promo of his life on Monday Night RAW.

The way he went from emotional to a cool guy in that promo was incredible. He made that promo sound like he is really leaving. He started off with the fact he can spend more time with his family.

He rambled on about how the WWE Universe and the wrestlers at the back respected him. He respected the fact that the women and children loved him and the men over 18 disliked him, and the way he did it yesterday, for everyone to chant those things, was nothing short of amazing to watch and hear. 

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This guy is WWE through and through. So what if this guy has five moves, if I remember correctly, Hogan had less moves. Hogan never wrestled in amazing matches, whereas Cena has wrestled some classics like his matches against HBK at Wrestlemania AND Monday Night Raw in London two weeks later, his Iron Man match against Randy Orton and his excellent feud and matches with JBL.

He went from a joke of a wrestler to the poster boy of WWE. And even the media knows that this guy works 361 days a year for WWE! 

Yesterday's promo convinced enough people that every word he spoke yesterday was true—he even condemned the PG rating by saying "bitch," and mentioned Billy Kidman, stuff that normally would not be uttered in today's WWE era. 

As for Cena's future, he will be back ASAP—they will not do a RAW without Cena. His run-in towards the end will further his feud with Barrett, Orton will feud with The Miz and the Nexus will interfere countless times.

It is a transitional period for WWE, and a great turn of events for John Cena.